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Atomic Meltdown - FanDuel Casino Review

Olufifun Adeleke

Atomic Meltdown is a classic 3-reel video slot game. With its Atomic Wilds, Nuclear 7s, and a dangerously high number of multipliers, you stand a chance to win big in this game. Although there are only 5 paylines in the game, a combination of multipliers can earn you up to 30x your win!

A product of gaming developer Everi, Atomic Meltdown is proof that you can enjoy impressive gameplay even without huge bonuses. You can win up to 1400x your initial bet by getting 3 multipliers on the reel. 

How to play Atomic Meltdown

The setup of Atomic Meltdown is quite simple, so the game is easy to play. 

  1. First, you have to select your coin size. The minimum coin size is $0.25 and the maximum coin size is $125.
  2. Then click on ‘Spin’ to start playing. You can also press the Space Bar to start playing the game with the current bet settings.
  3. With the Autospin feature, you can set the reels to spin for a specific number of times without interruption. 

Atomic Meltdown Visuals and Sounds

The atmospheric feel of the slot is complemented by fiery orange lighting which lights up the chains and metals on the screen. The reels are set against a nuclear energy plant. The symbols in Atomic Meltdown are a modification of those found in classic slot machines, they include the Single BARS, double BARS, triple BARS, blue 7s, Brown 7s, and Orange 7s.

This SciFi-themed slot game features a soundscape that is nothing short of exceptional. Once you achieve a winning combination, you’ll hear the classic slot jingle complemented by loud bass notes. 

Special features

Although there are no special bonus features, the developers of the game have included 2 lucrative features to ensure that players still stand a chance to win big. 


Perhaps the most rewarding feature on Atomic Meltdown, multipliers have the potential to ramp up your wins. If you land one multiplier on the reels, it serves as a scatter pay. Once you start to land other multipliers subsequently, your reward starts to increase.

The multipliers are exclusive to specific reels. The 2x multiplier only appears on reel 3, while the 3x multiplier is exclusive to reel 2, and both the 5x and 10x multipliers can be found only on reel 1. When you land two multipliers on a winning payline with BARS or 7s, your winning is multiplied, so if you land a 5x and 3x on a winning payline, you will earn a total of 15x your win.

The highest multiplier you can get is 30x. However, you can win up to 1400x your initial bet by landing a combo wild which includes 10x, 3x, and 2x multipliers.

  • Landing 3 separate wilds gives you 0.4x of your wins.
  • 3 BARS earns 0.6x your initial bet.
  • 3 double BARS equals 2x your initial bet.
  • 3 7s earns 3x your initial bet.
  • A combo of 2 wilds and 1 single BAR equals 1x your initial bet.
  • A combo of 3 triple BARS equals 6x your initial bet.
  • A combo of 3 Brown 7s earns 8x your initial bet.
  • A combo of 3 Blue 7s equals 20x your initial bet.
  • A combo of 3 Brown 7s gives 8x your initial bet.
  • A wild combo of 2x, 3x, and 5x earns your 700x your initial bet.

Respin Bonus

This feature is activated randomly by specific winning spins. The reels might be spun up to 9 additional times and each winning combination earns a different win. The wins are gradually increased - the wins from subsequent spins are either equal to or higher than the previous spins. During the Respin Bonus, reels are weighted in a different manner.  


The Atomic Meltdown slot machine might appear too simple for some players, however, there’s a lot to like about the game for players who enjoy classic slots. Once you land those multipliers, you can expect a massive increase in your wins. Don’t be discouraged by the simplistic set up of the game and the low paylines, the Atomic Meltdown is one meltdown that you can handle and still win big while at it. 

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