Cover Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

If you placed a bet on an NFL game this weekend, you were likely on the edge of your seat, no matter which game you bet on.

With just two games decided by more than a touchdown, almost every game came down to the wire. Sure, the ​Saints blew out the Eagles and the Colts proved to be the right bet with ​Andrew Luck leading them over the Titans, but nine of the 11 games played on Sunday afternoon were decided by four points or less. And the ​Bears beat the Vikings on Sunday Night Football by what must have seemed like a whopping 5 points.

The Saints covered the almost 10-point spread easily and the Colts smashed the 3 points they needed to cover, but other than that, no bet was comfortable.

The Panthers, Ravens, Falcons, Texans, Steelers, Chargers and Cardinals all were the favorites coming into Sunday, and they all failed to cover. The Seahawks, by half a point, and the Giants, by 2,  were the only favorites to cover based FanDuel Sportsbook lines.

It was a truly great day to bet the underdog and ​one underdog in particular made it another profitable day for sportsbooks across the country too.

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