Cover Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are definitely in a tough situation, but no one is tougher than the best player in the franchise's history. 

Larry Fitzgerald has been around and has seen it all -- Being on a bad team won't stop him from suiting up, even though he shouldn't. The future Hall of Famer is playing through a hamstring injury today, despite the fact that he isn't even close to being fully healthy. 

It's hard to call him anything but a warrior. 

You can call it impressive when he suits up this week, but it's even more impressive that he played through it last week. It was the team's best chance to win a game as they lost a close matchup against a decent Bears team, and Fitzgerald must've thought he could've made a difference to put the team over the top. 

He has another big task ahead of him this week as he'll likely be the safety blanket for the first career start of Josh Rosen.

Rosen might have a tough day, but having a pro like Fitz out there will make matters much easier. 

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