Thanksgiving Day Fantasy Feast
We’re serving up $3,000,000+. Go ahead, fill your plate.

It’s FanDuel Thanksgiving. And that means a certified feast of fantasy football. Help yourself to a full 8-contest spread, over $3,000,000 in total cash prizes. Just make sure you top off your Thursday with our richest dish: the $1.25M Gravy Bomb.

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Main Courses
$1.25M Gravy Bomb
$120K to 1st
$25 entry
Top 11,490 paid
57,471 total entries*
*500 Max entries
$700K Roasted Rush
$75K to 1st
$5 entry
Top 30,550 paid
160,920 total entries*
*500 Max entries
Results$40K Rush Results$20K Rush Results
$350K Pecan Snap
$30K to 1st
$2 entry
Top 38,150 paid
201,149 total entries*
*300 Max Entries
Results$40K Snap Results$30K Snap Results$20K Snap Results
$250K Gobble Monster
$40K to 1st
$300 entry
Top 176 paid
925 total entries*
*50 Max Entries
Side dishes
$150K Cornbread Kickoff
$15K to 1st
$10 entry
Top 3,277 paid
17,241 total entries*
*150 Max entries
$150K Sweet Potato Dive
$10K to 1st
$1 entry
Top 33,300 paid
172,413 total entries*
*200 Max Entries
Results$20K Dive Results$10K Dive Results
$100K Arm Chair Gunslinger
$20K to 1st
$1,065 entry
Top 20 paid
100 total entries*
*8 Max Entries
Results$10K Gunslinger Results
$75K Blitz Casserole
$10K to 1st
$100 entry
Top 158 paid
833 total entries*
*50 Max Entries
Results$5K Blitz Results