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Super Bowl Odds: Current Betting Odds on Super Bowl 54


People think of the betting circus surrounding the Super Bowl as something that happens in the 2 weeks prior to kickoff. And it’s true – once teams have been scheduled to play in a Super Bowl the bookmakers go crazy putting out odds on the contest. Odds on a straight-up winning team, odds on an MVP, odds on exact point-totals…heck, even odds on the halftime show.

But despite the rush of betting action on Super Bowl odds in the days before the game, the truth is that Super Bowl gambling takes place almost all year ‘round – online and in Las Vegas.

“Futures” odds are offered on all 32 teams of the NFL to win the next Super Bowl before the ink is dry on the previous season’s final box score. NFL Futures odds offer the betting public a chance to wager on a team’s entire campaign with designs on a potential Lombardi Trophy. Payoff odds are usually generous – even the New England Patriots usually come with a (+500) futures line or 5-to-1 odds, or longer. But the club can’t simply win a Championship game or a bunch of games and pay-off the bet. They’ve got to go all the way to February and win a National Football League title, unless the NFL futures odds specify that the bet pays off with the club winning a conference or division crown instead.

Futures Odds on Super Bowl Favorites in 2020

Only 4 NFL teams are left standing following January’s 2nd round of playoff battles. Here’s how the futures odds stack up prior to Sunday’s NFC and AFC title games:

NFL Team

Super Bowl Betting Odds

Kansas City Chiefs


San Francisco 49ers


Tennessee Titans


Green Bay Packers


Baltimore Ravens


New England Patriots


New Orleans Saints


OTBSeattle Seahawks


Minnesota Vikings


Houston Texans


Dallas Cowboys


Buffalo Bills


Philadelphia Eagles


Pittsburgh Steelers


Los Angeles Rams


Chicago Bears


Cleveland Browns


Oakland Raiders


Indianapolis Colts


Denver Broncos


Carolina Panthers


Los Angeles Chargers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Jacksonville Jaguars


New York Jets


Washington Redskins


Atlanta Falcons


Detroit Lions


New York Giants


Arizona Cardinals


Miami Dolphins


Cincinnati Bengals


Super Bowl LIV odds took a mighty turn in Week 19. There were mild curveballs in Kansas City and in Green Bay, as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were forced to mount an epic comeback to survive the Houston Texans, and the wounded Seattle Seahawks pushed Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to the brink of elimination before falling 28-23. Neither surprise could hold a candle to the outcome in Baltimore, however, as the #1 seeded Ravens failed and flailed in a 28-12 loss to the underdog Tennessee Titans.

To say the final score is deceptive would be an understatement. At the same time, there’s no doubt Tennessee was the better team and richly deserved to win. Baltimore spent much of the contest moving the pigskin between the 20-yard-lines but couldn’t punch it in. John Harbaugh’s defense did not allow 100 total passing yards, and did not let Derrick Henry cross the goal line. But the swift visiting RB finished with 195 yards on 30 carries, having worked the chains into position for Ryan Tannehill to score on a pair of TD passes and a QB keeper. Henry also lobbed a clutch jump-pass to Corey Davis for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter that sent the Raven offense into full-time no-huddle mode.

Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson dominated the game with 500+ combined passing and rushing yards, but struggled in the Red Zone and on 4th down, and committed costly turnovers to help the Titans build a 3-score lead. Don’t worry about Jackson – he’s still the most-celebrated QB of 2019-20. But the loss to Tennessee is not how fans wanted his break-out season to end.

San Francisco might have been forecasted to win the “Super Bowl odds race” this week. After all, the 49ers are the only 1 of 4 conference title bids who weren’t challenged in the Divisional playoffs. The 49ers’ 27-10 final over Minnesota is deceptive in a different way, implying that the Vikings made It a fight in the 3rd and 4th quarters. In reality, San Fran asserted superiority early in the 2nd half and took advantage of turnovers to seal the deal, calmly running out the clock for much of the final frame. Yet the San Francisco 49ers are not the shortest-odds futures bet to win the Super Bowl at FanDuel Sportsbook, and neither are the still-doubted Green Bay Packers at 6.5-to-1.

That honor goes to the Kansas City Chiefs. KC and Baltimore’s NFL clubs were each tested by a crisis last weekend, and Andy Reid’s team passed the exam while Harbaugh’s flunked it. Houston led 24-0 at Arrowhead Stadium as of the 2nd quarter, causing the gridiron community to wonder if the Chiefs would turn out to be a postseason mirage once again. Would a new-look defense find a way to stop opposing QB Deshaun Watson? No doubt Pat Mahomes’ passing, running, and scrambling skills could produce 4 touchdowns and a comeback victory, but would he do it against an amped-up playoff contender?

Yes, and yes. Wheeling and dealing, the swift QB found Travis Kelce for 10 catches for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns, finishing the game with 5 TDs and 0 INTs while leading the Chiefs in rushing. Kansas City’s front-7 adjusted and bowed-up along the LOS, holding Carlos Hyde to less than 50 yards on 13 carries. By the time Houston had scored again the outcome was no longer in doubt, and the 20-point KC victory (with a 24-point comeback effort to boot) is more eye-catching to casual bettors than San Francisco’s relatively-mundane win.

You might notice that Kansas City’s “51-31” and San Francisco’s “27-10” are not posted alongside the Super Bowl odds on FanDuel Sportsbook, and neither are any other scores or stats. That’s not because FanDuel doesn’t want gamblers to think hard. Actually, it’s because we like you.

Scores and statistics should always be taken into careful consideration when handicapping futures odds on a Super Bowl winner. However, the final scores of games (and even yardage totals) are often so arbitrary, so based on variables in how a particular game plays out, that it’s a bad idea to let recent scoreboards or stat-sheets hold sway when making a long-term wager. For instance, a casual fan who did not watch the NFL’s 2020 Divisional Round might conclude that the Chiefs are the same old feast-or-famine opponent, a team that piles-up points but loses shoot-outs due to weak defense. Watching the footage from Arrowhead reveals a different truth – KC is superb on all 3 units.

Seems like at least a few gamblers have been tuning-in on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll see if Kansas City holds its slender “lead” over San Fran on the FanDuel futures board.

It’ll be interesting to see which direction line-movement takes prior to this Sunday’s conference showdowns. The Titans are an intriguing pick at more than 7-to-1 payoff odds, but the prevailing sentiment is that if Tennessee couldn’t stop Lamar Jackson between the 20s, it won’t stop a more-experienced Mahomes from driving downfield and into the end zone. It also goes without saying that the Missouri club will feel much more comfortable in a cold, wintry AFC Championship Game than a team based in Nashville. Meanwhile, winning bet slips on Green Bay to prevail in Super Bowl 54 (assuming they were placed as of press time) would pay off a little less than Tennessee slips would, but still handsomely at 6.5-to-1.

The Packers waged an emotionally-draining war with Seattle at Lambeau Field, surviving by 5 points after some episodes in the 4th quarter. At this point, an air trip to a milder climate might actually do the Green Bay players some good, though Jimmy Garoppolo’s supporting cast in San Francisco will ensure that the 49ers are moneyline favorites this week.

Still, if the Pack claims an NFC championship and goes on to meet the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, bookmakers will be hard-pressed to put lopsided odds on a battle of young lion (Mahomes) vs old lion (Rodgers) at Hard Rock Stadium.

What Will Odds on the Super Bowl Look Like?

Here’s a refresher on the main-market betting odds you can expect to find on Super Bowl LIV once AFC and NFC champions have been determined in January.

Super Bowl Point Spreads

The Super Bowl favorite’s point spread is displayed with a “minus” symbol next to a whole number or a halved fraction, such as (-4) or (-4.5). Gamblers picking the favorite “against the spread” must hope that the team wins by more than 4 points – a 1, 2, or 3-point victory or a straight-up loss loses the wager. An underdog’s point spread is displayed with a “+” symbol, indicating the number of points “spotted” to the team before the Super Bowl kicks off. Underdog point-spread gamblers are hoping that the team will “cover” by winning by any amount or losing by any amount smaller than the point spread. If the underdog’s point spread is (+6) and the club loses by 5 points, the bettors still win the payout.

If a Super Bowl finishes with the favorites winning by the exact margin shown on the point spread, bets are returned in an outcome known as a “push.”

Moneyline Odds on the Super Bowl

Moneyline odds promise a % payoff when a gambler’s chosen team wins the game straight-up. A favorite’s Super Bowl moneyline odds are denoted with a “-“ as in (-200). Underdog moneylines are marked with a “+” as in a ML of (+350). Payoff is calculated differently for the betting odds in the favorite’s and underdog’s markets, but always with imaginary Benjamins, or $100 bills, in mind.

(-200) odds mean that for every $200 wagered on a team, the house will pay out $100 if that team wins. (-500) odds stand for $100 payoff on every $500 wagered at the betting book. On the underdog side, moneyline odds represent the amount paid out on won $100 bets if the team surprises. (+350) odds equal a $350 payout on $100, (+1000) odds represent $1000 payout on the same risk, and so on.

Super Bowl Over/Under Betting Odds

The simplest bet in all of football may be the Over/Under wager, which collapses both teams into a single market and asks how many points will be scored in the game overall.

Super Bowl LIV’s Over/Under line will be represented as a whole number or a halved fraction. Next to the O/U number are the payoff odds – usually (-110) or so.

If a pair of high-powered offenses like Baltimore and New Orleans meet in the upcoming Super Bowl, look for the Over/Under line to swell into the 50s. But a game between a pair of defense-oriented NFL clubs is often handicapped with an O/U total in the high-30s range alongside the other odds.

Super Bowl Prop Odds and Specials at FanDuel Sportsbook

None of the types of Football odds listed above suit your fancy? There’s lots more to the scope of Super Bowl betting. Visit FanDuel Sportsbook or FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy Sports portal and take part in the big game as a gambler, a Fantasy shark, or even a music and entertainment pundit. Almost any market you can imagine is available for action on the biggest day in American sports!

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