Six qualifying contests. Top-three scores count.
Place in the top-25 and you'll reach the
RotoWire Championship.

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There will be six qualifying contests — from April 19th through June 28th — where you’ll have the opportunity to compete against fellow RotoWire readers. Your top-three scores in those qualifying contests will count towards the leaderboard. If you finish in the top-25 on the leaderboard, you’ll qualify for entry into the RotoWire Championship on July 5th — where you'll compete for an extra $2,000 in cash prizes plus RotoWire subscriptions.

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Qualifying Contests

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RotoWire Championship Prizes

Top prizes include both, a one-year RotoWire subscription and cash. Here’s the full prize breakdown.

2nd Prize
$225 +
six-month subscription
1st Prize
$250 +
one-year subscription
3rd Prize
$200 +
three-month subscription
  • 1st$250
  • 2nd$225
  • 3rd$200
  • 4th$175
  • 5th$150
  • 6th$125
  • 7th$100
  • 8th$90
  • 9th$80
  • 10th$70
  • 11th$60
  • 12th$50
  • 13th - 14th$45
  • 15th - 16th$40
  • 17th - 18th$35
  • 19th - 20th$30
  • 21st - 25th$25
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Terms & Conditions

Tournament Structure

The RotoWire Championship and qualifying contests are of a series of one-day fantasy baseball contests hosted on FanDuel. The qualifying contests take place from April 4th through June 13th and are open to all users who are eligible to play in paid contests. The RotoWire Championship is only available to users that place in the top-25 on the leaderboard. The top-three scores in the qualifying contests for each user will count towards the leaderboard. Users that finish within the top-25 on the leaderboard will qualify for entry into the RotoWire Championship on June 27th

Entries to the RotoWire Championship are not eligible for exchange, reimbursement, nor are they transferable.

Teams and Scoring

Standard FanDuel MLB scoring rules apply to all qualifying contests and the RotoWire Championship. In the event that users tie on the leaderboard for entry to the RotoWire Championship, both users will receive an entry to the RotoWire Championship. In the event that multiple users tie in the RotoWire Championship, the tied users will split the prizes for the positions which they tied for.


All other US and Canadian residents who comply with our eligibility rules for paid entry games in our terms of service are eligible to play. Entries from Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas or Washington are not eligible to enter this competition. FanDuel employees may enter the competition for testing purposes, but are not eligible to win any prizes. Employees and immediate family members of RotoWire are not eligible to win entries to the RotoWire Championship.