Marketing Tools & Guides


Finding and using your banners and tracking links

  • 1. Login to with your username and password

  • 2. Choose the Marketing Tools tab in the left menu, then Get your ADs

  • 3. Use the Campaigns filter to choose a specific category of tracking links and banner ads for different game types

  • 4. Click the "+" on the left to see and choose a tracking code option

Finding and understanding your reports

  • 1. Login to with your username and password

  • 2. Choose Reports from the left menu to see a list of all reports available

  • 3. Choose Quick Summary Report for an overview of your account’s performance

  • 4. A breakdown of the Quick Summary Report Screen:

    • The header will indicate the report name along with a brief description of the report
    • Use the Period filter to select the date range for the report. By default, this will be set to the current month
    • The Merchant field will always be FanDuel
    • Aff Sites allows you to breakdown the report by unique Site ID. It will show all IDs under your account by default
    • Banner ID allows you to filter the report a specific tracking link or banner id
    • Report Detail Level Lets you choose either simple or detailed. Simple is usually sufficient, but detailed will breakup commission by specific sport