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Use the step-by-step guides below to help you make the most of our partnership.

How to get your FanDuel Tracking text links:
  1. Log into the partners system on

    FanDuel Partners System
  2. Open the "Marketing Tools" tab and click on "Creative Search"

    Marketing tools
  3. Change the "Creative Type" field to "Text Link, and the "Merchant Field" to "FanDuel – (Your Sport Here)", and click "Generate Report". So if you want a tracking link for the NBA "King of the Court" (KotC), your screen should look like this after you click "Generate Report":

    Creative Search
  4. Click "Get Tracking Code", which will then bring up this screen:

    Text Link Codes

    You can ignore most of what you see here. Just highlight the following specific line of the code, and copy it.

    Text Link Codes highlight
  5. If you are looking to get a generic tracking link that does not go to a specific contest, you can find that by going to the "Link Creator" tab under "Marketing Tools" Once on this screen you will have the option to retrieve a tracking link that will send your readers to one of the major sport landing pages. Choose whichever sport suits you best, and link it out. Easy!

    Link Creator
How to Get Your FanDuel Banner Codes for HTML:
  1. There are two ways to find your banners on The first way is to use the "Creative Search" tool. You will change the "Creative Type" to "Flash" or "Banner" depending on what you want, and click "Generate Report". For this example, we will use Flash. You will also change the Merchant to "FanDuel – (your sport here)". For an MLB Flash banner:

    Create Flash banner

    The following will come up

    Create Flash banner selection
  2. Click on "Get Tracking Code". When you get to the screen, start highlighting the code from where it says

    Create Flash banner

    There is more to the box than can fit here, so make sure you scroll down while highlighting, and don’t stop until is highlighted, like so (note there is overlap between the code in the two images):

    Create Flash banner highlight area
  3. There is another method to get your banner codes, by going to the "Get your Promotional Materials" tab.

    Marketing Tools
  4. You will then be brought to a page where you can set search parameters to find the exact creative materials you need. The search box looks like this:

    Search Parameters
  5. You can use this search box to set any parameters you need. So if you select the Merchant "FanDuel –MLB" and set the creative type to "Flash", you’ll get this:

    Search Parameters Selections

From here, you will use the + sign to bring up the code for the banner. When you attempt to select the code, the whole field will be highlighted. MAKE SURE you only select from %lt;OBJECT at the beginning to /object> at the end *(you may have to trim the code this way AFTER you have pasted into your document or website).

As with everything, once you have these codes, simply go into the HTML of your website (if you have Blogger, this means going into "Layout" and adding an HTML gadget to the side or top of your blog) and paste the codes you have retrieved into the HTML of your page. Voila! You now have FanDuel Tracking banners. Good Luck!

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