FanDuel Affiliates FAQ

  • What is the affiliate program?

    A FanDuel affiliate is a website or blog that partners up with us to help promote FanDuel's product to their audience. We provide marketing banners and links to post on your website, and create exclusive promotions for you to give to your readers as well. As an affiliate, you'll earn a revenue share in all of the profits FanDuel makes from your player referrals. Every time a player signs up to FanDuel via your links, you share in the revenue from that player every time they enter a pay entry league.

  • Does being an Affiliate cost me anything?

    The affiliate program costs you absolutely nothing. FanDuel will never ask you for money, and there are no quotas or other hidden rules.

  • How much will I make?

    That depends on you. Affiliate commissions are uncapped, and the revenue share system works on tiers depending on how much revenue you produce. You can also choose to be paid on a CPA basis, where you will earn a set amount for every first time depositor (FTD) that you send. The harder you work to promote FanDuel, the more money you will make. It's that simple.

  • How do I get paid?

    Affiliates receive their commissions via PayPal or mailed check.

  • When do I get paid?

    The affiliate program pays out once every month, for the amount you earned the month before.

  • How do I keep track of my earnings/signups?

    FanDuel employs a tracking software engine that updates in real time whenever you get clicks on your FanDuel banners or links. Once a player has clicked over to FanDuel from your site (Make sure you're telling them to click YOUR links), they are registered permanently under your affiliate profile, and all of their deposits will be credited to you. You can also keep track of your earnings yourself, simply by logging into the FanDuel partner's page with your affiliate details.

  • How do I post FanDuel banners on my site?

    Once you click on the "Marketing Tools" tab, you will be able to retrieve codes for your FanDuel promotional materials. Once you have them, you simply copy and paste them into the HTML of your website.

  • My account shows a negative balance. Why is that?

    There are numerous reasons that this could be happening. On your players, you're earning a % of net revenue. They can go in to negative revenue by multiple players having negative revenue. They can go in to negative revenue by spending FDP or if their bonus is released on a month where they haven't played very many games. Negative revenue does NOT mean you owe FanDuel money; you just need to cover that ground to get back into the positive.

  • Can I have a promo code?

    Yes - usually. Promo codes confer a 100% deposit bonus, so you will need to contact an account manager to apply for a promo code. Please note, we do NOT allow our affiliates to post promo codes on coupon sites. Doing so is grounds for immediate suspension of your account. Your code will be personalized, and chosen by your account manager. There are no generic codes allowed.

  • Can I offer incentives for user signups?

    No. FanDuel is only looking to acquire users who's reason to signup is wanting to play our fantasy leagues. Incentivizing a signup with outside rewards is not allowed, and FanDuel will not pay commission on ANY incentivized users. Exceptions can be made if you are offering a fantasy sports projection product as the incentive, but for this you MUST contact your account manager first and receive explicit approval.

  • How many players can I recruit?

    You can recruit as many as you want. FanDuel cannot guarantee how many signups you will gain, as there is such a wide range in the size of our affiliates.

  • My login doesn't work. What gives?

    First and foremost, make sure you're logging into If you are, make sure you're logging in using the Username (NOT EMAIL) that you signed up with. If this still does not work, request a password reset on your page. If you are still unable to log in, contact affiliate support for assistance.

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