Does the advice live up to the hype?

Welcome to the FanDuel Partners Basketball Championship — where we put fantasy experts to the test — 10 contests over the course of five weeks. So you can see which of the most trusted names in FanDuel strategy comes out on top.

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See how the experts stack up

Here’s a look at the week-by-week scores — including links to each site’s strategy for the week. Check out the overall ranking for each FanDuel partner, plus sort by date for individual contest results. NOTE: Each partner's two lowest scores will be omitted from the aggregate score calculation.


Welcome to the FanDuel Partners Basketball Championship (FPBC) hosted by Here are the detailed rules for the tournament.

Tournament Structure

The FanDuel Partners Basketball Championship (FPBC) is a daily fantasy sports competition to decide which website is the top fantasy basketball projector in the industry. The FPBC is free to enter for 10 selected FanDuel affiliated marketing (“Partners”). The FPBC will span five weeks, with two single-entry contests per week -- held on Wednesday and Friday of each week (“Contest Period”).

Exact dates: Wednesday, February 24 -- Friday, February 26 -- Wednesday, March 2 -- Friday, March 4 -- Wednesday, March 9 -- Friday, March 11 -- Wednesday, March 16 -- Friday, March 18 -- Wednesday, March 23 -- Friday, March 25.

Teams and Scoring

All Partners will be given custom FanDuel user names that may only be used in the FPBC. These user accounts are not eligible to participate in any other FanDuel contests outside of the FPBC.

Fantasy points and rosters for all FPBC contests will use standard FanDuel scoring rules for NBA contests, as explained here: Winners will be determined based on the highest aggregate score from all contests during the Contest Period. However, the two lowest contest scores for each Partner during the Contest Period will be omitted from the aggregate score calculation.

Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie, the greater of the two omitted scores will be added back to the totals for the tied Partners to determine the winner. If Partners are still tied, the remaining dropped score will be added to the totals. If Partners are still tied, a one-contest playoff will be held to decide the winner. If a tie remains, the first lineup entered into the one-contest playoff will be declared the winner.


First prize in the FPBC will be $500 cash as well as a trip for two to the FanDuel Playboy Championship in June, held at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California. Second prize in the FPBC will be $300. Third prize in the FPBC will be $200.


Only Partners selected by FanDuel to participate in the FPBC are eligible for this competition. Individuals physically located in Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas and Washington are not eligible to enter this competition. Only U.S. and Canadian residents are eligible to enter this competition.