NBA Training Guide

Learn everything you need to get ready for tipoff.

Basketball Player
Basketball Player

Learn the Basics

Get to know FanDuel Basketball

Drafting your NBA lineup is simple and easy. Just put together a winning lineup using the 9 positions below while staying under the salary cap. NBA contests don’t have late swap, so there’s no need to keep an eye on the injury reports all night.

Build your roster

NBA Lineup Screenshot

Starting Indicators

Starting indicators make it easier to draft your lineup with confidence. Just look for the starting indicators when building your team to see if any player is a lock to start.

Official DFS Scoring of the NBA

Here’s how you score points and win prizes.

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More ways to win

With so many different ways to play fantasy basketball on FanDuel, we know you’ll find something you’ll love. Here are just a few ways to play that are great for beginners.

It doesn’t matter if you come in first or last. Just hit the target score to win an equal share of the prize pool.

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Create a private league with your friends and play as often as you like — with a new team for every contest.

Start My League

Instead of picking players from a variety of NBA games, you build your lineup from only one matchup.

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Challenge a friend to play head-to-head for cash, even if they aren’t on FanDuel.

Create Challenge

Even if you miss the pre-game slate, you won’t miss out on winning cash prizes. Pick a team for the second half of the game, watch, and win.

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Top Tips

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Basics for Beginners

Start winning today with these simple strategies.

Minutes Matter

More time on the court means more opportunities to score fantasy points. Look for players who log high minutes per game to do better on the stat sheet.

Be Aggressive

Target teams that focus on offense, and target game that are expected to be high-scoring.

Target Fast Opponents

Faster games mean more possessions. And more possessions mean more points.

Turn on Push Notifications for Player Updates

Stay in the loop on player news by opting in to FanDuel push notifications.

Hit The Court

Want to get some reps in? These low-entry fee contests are a great way to start honing your skills.

NBA Dribbler*

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*Single Entry

NBA 50/50

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NBA Block

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$2 Entry

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