One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues for Real MoneyPlay Now
  • Feb 12
  • Time of post
  • 1:22pm
  • Matt Hevia

FanDuel App Version 1.5: Enhanced Lineup Editing and News Indicators

Version 1.5 of our iPhone and iPad app now features the ability to apply...
  • Nov 11
  • Time of post
  • 3:56pm
  • Matt Hevia

New Feature Alert: Major Update to FanDuel’s iPhone App

We’re excited to announce that version 1.3 of our iPhone app is now live...
  • Aug 22
  • Time of post
  • 4:00pm
  • Matt Hevia

New Feature Alert: New “Tickets” Page

FanDuel is happy to announce a new “Tickets” page for our users to enjoy....
  • Aug 20
  • Time of post
  • 10:57am
  • Matt Hevia

New Features Alert: Major Upgrades to Draft Screen

At FanDuel, we’re always trying our best to optimize your user experience, and we’re...
  • Jul 31
  • Time of post
  • 12:47pm
  • Matt Hevia

New Feature Alert: Lobby Jumping Solution

You spoke and we listened. We here at FanDuel are happy to announce the...
  • Jul 22
  • Time of post
  • 4:34pm
  • Matt Musico

New Feature Alert: Weather and Lineup Info Pages

We’re happy to announce additions of two new features: weather and lineup information. Our...
  • Jun 24
  • Time of post
  • 9:54am
  • Matt Hevia

New Feature Alert: Team Drafting Tools

We’ve added a few new tools to the draft screen: Avg. Remaining Salary, Improved...
  • Apr 17
  • Time of post
  • 11:26am
  • admin

New Feature Alert: Faster Entry, Lobby Indicator for Entered Contests

We are proud to announce two new updates that improve the entry experience on...
  • Mar 27
  • Time of post
  • 10:58am
  • Tom Griffiths

Welcome to our new header navigation

We’re hard at work on a number of upgrades to FanDuel over the next...
  • Mar 4
  • Time of post
  • 5:22pm
  • Jake_Silver

Early-Only NBA Contests

Starting on Wednesday, March 5th, we will be running “early only” NBA contests on...
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