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This Youth Basketball Player's Flopping Skills Are Top Notch

Aug 22 2:21pm

Flopping in sports has become an art. Usually, the best ones are done best by the professionals, but after watching the proper technique used throughout various NBA games and soccer matches, we’re now watching this phenomenon spread to youth sports.

The basketball player in this video is in elementary school, but he’s clearly been flopping since the second he could walk:

Everything he did here was just amazing.

He first picked his victim as they were walking out of the timeout.  Then, he got into the most annoying position so his opponent had to create separation before getting the inbound pass.

Once he was “pushed” to the ground, he added a grunt to make it that much more authentic — just like the pros.

Here’s Dwyane Wade’s flop from Game 2 of the 2014 NBA Finals:

Both Wade and this youth basketball player got the call, but the kid’s flop was much more convincing. Throwing that grunt in is crucial. It makes it sound like he was shocked at ending up on the floor. Plus, Wade had to pay up $5,000 afterward as punishment. All this kid had to do after the game was apologize, but he probably didn’t because he’s a baller.

After watching these two videos, Wade could use a lesson or two from this young player about how to properly flop and not get caught.

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