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This Rugby Player Obliterates His Opponent With Bone-Crushing Hit

Aug 22 9:21am

There shouldn’t be any debate as to which team sport is the most violent. Football and hockey can make arguments, but neither one comes close to rugby. Not only is it a full contact sport, the players don’t have any padding to protect their bodies from mind-numbing hits.

In case evidence is needed to prove this point, we found it during a match in the NZAUTV Rugby League. Take a look at this brutal hit and the aftermath that followed:

Talk about two trains going at 100 mph and hitting each other head-on.

The player without the ball (named Misa, according to the announcers) planned on putting a huge hit on Saimon Lomaloma, who was running with the ball. They both went down pretty hard, but Saimon upped himself to baller status by immediately getting up and continuing the play until it was whistled dead with Misa laying on the ground.

Possibly better than the hit itself were the reactions from the announcers, saying Misa had been taken to gagaland, but made sure it was said respectfully. You have to love those people from foreign countries still trying to be nice after a brutal hit like that.

The replay showing the look on Saimon’s face right before he hit Misa (at the 0:41 mark) was pretty scary, too. I would’ve ducked out of the way at the last second if I saw that.

Watching this play further secures the fact that I never want to play a second of rugby, especially with guys handing out hits as menacing as this one.

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