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This is Why You Don't Hit Golf Balls That Are on Fire

Aug 22 1:25pm

I would imagine that there are many tricks one can do with a golf ball. I consider hitting one a trick, so it wouldn’t be too hard to impress me. But for others, there’s got to be some cool things you can do. Or at least cool things that don’t involve fire. Someone should tell my boy Jo Floyd. Who is Jo Floyd? He’s the guy in the Vine video below, who dressed like a buck hunter, went to the beach(?) and tried the old “hit a flaming golf ball” trick. Classic Jo Floyd.

If you thought that this may go terribly wrong, you were oh so right.

Jo Floyd, you’re the worst. First, you’re dressed like this Stone Cold Steve Austin action figure.


Did you come straight from your hunting tricks symposium to your golf trick expo?

Next, why are you hitting a flaming golf ball on the beach, and what was the desired outcome? Did you think it would explode and magically not light you on fire? Were you trying to see if you could recreate the “on fire” feature in NBA Jam and NFL Blitz? If the latter was the case, I’m not even really mad at you.

And the worst part of this whole thing is that fire safety classes, which I assume you went though as a kid, were rendered useless by this video. Stop drop and roll, Jo! Don’t drum on your thighs, and swat at the fire like it’s a bee.

If you had a lighter in your pocket, we would have needed an Instagram-length video to see how poorly this ended. For the time being, leave the fire tricks to stunt men, and maybe learn to juggle a golf ball with your club.

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