The Bench

This Intentional Walk Had the Worst Outcome Possible

Aug 22 12:03pm

Since the Little League World Series is upon us, let’s take a look at a couple of Little Leaguers that need to work on their intentional walk fundamentals. With two runners on, it looked like the white team wanted to avoid throwing to the mountain of a child playing for the red team. Everyone was ready for an intentional walk, but the red team’s batter wasn’t having it.

Then, this happened.

Boom, three-run shot. Better luck next time, white team.

I don’t know if the batter could hear those parents behind him, but they were totally willing him to hit that ball out. One even said that he had done this before in practice. This team practices smashing errant intentional walk pitches? That seems like a very obscure thing to practice, and probably an overall waste of time. I guess it wasn’t that day though, because this kid looked like he knew he was going to hit one of those pitches out all along.

And to that pitcher-catcher battery. Don’t worry, this kind of thing happens in the Major Leagues also.

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