New Feature Alert: New "Tickets" Page

Aug 22 4:00pm

FanDuel is happy to announce a new “Tickets” page for our users to enjoy. This page will make it easy and convenient to keep track of all the tickets you’ve won and contests you’ve entered.

And how do you access the “Tickets” page? Just visit the “My Account” section of FanDuel, and it will be right there waiting for you.


When you have a ticket to display, there will also be a link in the top right corner of your History page.


On the Tickets page, we show two views of your tickets — Active and Pending.

Active shows current contests you have entered into using tickets. Also, you can access the contest entry page from this section, if you would like to edit your current lineup.

Pending shows tickets that you have won, redeemable for future contests. Once the contest you have won the ticket for becomes available, you will automatically be entered into it.

When a ticket is used for contest entry, it will move from the Pending section to the Active section.


We hope you will find this new page helpful as you continue to win tickets on FanDuel! As always, if you have any questions,feedback, or you just want to say hi, we can be reached at

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