Forbes Ranks the NFL's Best Fans

Aug 22 10:18am

Forbes just came out with a list of the NFL’s best fans, giving us their top 10. I’m sure this list will spur plenty of debate, but they used specific numbers to justify their rankings.

There were five areas that were examined in order to determine which teams have the best fans. First was hometown crowd reach. This was measured by seeing how many people watched, attended, or listened to a game this past year. Then they used three years of TV ratings, three years of stadium attendance, and three years of merchandise sales. Oh, and of course, they measured each team’s popularity on social media.

Wondering who checked in at number one? Well first, let’s check out 2-10.

2. Denver Broncos

3. New Orleans Saints

4. New England Patriots

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. Indianapolis Colts

7. (Tie) Dallas Cowboys

7. (Tie) Pittsburgh Steelers

9. Seattle Seahawks

10. Chicago Bears

These aren’t overly surprising in terms of who made the list. The positioning may annoy some fan bases though. I’m looking at you, Cowboys and Seahawks. Cowboys fans think that they’re worshipped nationally, hence the term “America’s Team.” So a seventh place finish is going to infuriate the people of Dallas. They’ll be punching their walls full of Cowboy, Yankee, and Cavalier (Heat last season) posters, while calling the rankings a sham.

And the Seahawks are the only NFL fan base that thinks they are on the team’s roster. 12th FAN, BRO!!!! I guess you guys will have to be louder this season, because a ninth place finish is kind of embarrassing. Also, once Peyton Manning leaves, I bet the Broncos drop down a few spots. Just saying. Otherwise, the list seems about right.

Now, for number one. Forbes definitely got this one right, because it’s the Green Bay Packers!


In addition to their metrics, they used the reasoning that most people would use to explain their decision. There’s really not much going on in Wisconsin to compete with them. The findings revealed that 84% of adults in Green Bay are Packers fans, and watch games. My assumption is that the other 16% are trying to make enough cheese to satisfy people that want the new Horse Collar Sandwich, and therefore don’t have time to watch games.

A few other crazy facts that solidify Green Bay’s spot at the top? A priest started doing mass at Lambeau Field tailgates because of how many people were skipping church to go to games. Also, there is a Packers fan dating website, where “Packer Backers” can look for love.

This should be a wake up call for teams two through ten. Until you have a dating site exclusively for fans of your team, you’ll never reach the top.

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