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This Hockey Goalie's Uniform Will Make You Dizzy and Confused

Aug 21 11:18am

Every athlete wants to gain some kind of edge over the competition, whether it’s on the court, field or ice. Hockey goalies are no different than anyone else — they’re constantly at the mercy of other players lacing pucks at every part of their body. The padding helps with these shots, but that only goes so far. They still hurt.

Messing with a player’s eyesight and depth perception — within the rules, of course — is the best way to get that competitive advantage. If it’s allowed, providing an optical illusion or two never hurt anyone. This hockey goalie took it to the extreme with probably the best (and most confusing) uniform you’ll ever come across:



Talk about getting inside a player’s head. Looking at this during an entire game must be next to impossible adjusting to.

Which sport you play is a huge part of this. If a pitcher did this on the mound, the opposing team would immediately protest. Without question, the umpire would force him to change his wardrobe. Heck, managers get bent out of shape if a gold chain is reflecting too much in the sunlight in the eyes of hitters.

Playing the right mind games to get an edge is key, and this guy has it down to a science. I wonder why he didn’t go all out by giving his shirt and helmet the same design as the lower half of his uniform. Maybe that would’ve been a little too much for everyone to look at — have to pick your spots wisely, I suppose.

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