Packers Selling the Kind of Sandwich You'd Imagine They Would

Aug 21 5:36pm

Wisconsin is not known for their healthy eating habits. Now, I’m sure there are a small handful of people in the state that eat well, go running, own Fitbits, carry yoga mats, and even rock FitFlops for casual working out. For those people, the Green Bay Packers are trying to destroy you.

The Packers are coming out with a Sandwich this season that probably has more calories in it than a human should ingest in three months. It’s got a catchy name though, and that alone will sell a bunch of these things.

Here it is: The Horse Collar.


That looks incredible.

If I ate it, I would call for an ambulance beforehand and just enjoy it. This is the kind of sandwich that could negate an entire season of work done by a winner of The Biggest Loser. It’s life-altering (literally), irresponsible, and beautiful all at the same time.

There is fried sauerkraut on this thing. Because regular sauerkraut just wouldn’t have done the job. And beer cheese! WHAT IS BEER CHEESE? The Packers have fused their state’s two favorite things and plopped it on top of this culinary crisis.

Oh, also, it’s $20 bucks, so if you’re going to go for it, make sure you’re all in.

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