Minor League Team Does an Intense #icebucketchallenge Spin-Off

Aug 21 11:27am

The ice bucket challenge has been a fun and non-intrusive way of getting people to raise money and awareness for ALS. At the same time, it has also allowed people to get creative, and earn themselves some temporary internet popularity. It’s actually gotten to the point where there are less people that haven’t taken the challenge than there are that have. Every celebrity, every athlete, mascots, dogs, babies, they’re all doing it.

This trend, like most trends do, has spurred spin-offs. There are obviously many other worthy causes out there to donate to, one of them being prostate cancer, a disease that affects men globally. The Savannah Sand Gnats, a Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets decided to take part in the prostate cancer version of the ice bucket challenge. Their challenge was a little different though, and is only designed for men over the age of 40.

Sand Gnats team president John Katz was stepped up to the plate to take the challenge, but what did it entail? Did he pour scalding hot water over his head? Did he try and eat a tablespoon of cinnamon?  Nope. He got a live prostate exam, while trying to make it all the way through singing take me out to the ballgame

John, you didn’t have to do this. The thing that made the ice bucket challenge spread was that at the end of the day it was just water. This is far more hardcore. I mean, obviously it serves its purpose, and you’re killing two birds with one stone, but maybe it was a little much.

Get creative with it! Make people stand in a chamber of actual Sand Gnats for a whole minute (do they bite? I’m not totally sure what a Sand Gnat is). Make somebody shave their eyebrows off, anything but giving out live prostate exams while singing America’s favorite stretching song.

I will hand it to you though, Sand Gnats. You went for it. And good luck to the three other GMs that were challenged. You’ll never view the seventh inning of a baseball game the same way ever again.

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