"Johnny Clipboard" Shirts Are Officially for Sale

Aug 21 4:08pm

Johnny Manziel is officially the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns…for now. So why not have some fun with it? He’s going to be sitting around, watching Brian Hoyer do his thing, so he might as well look good while doing so, right? Here are some new shirts that were made by The Heckle Store in honor of Manziel’s current position. Brian Orakpo should work at The Heckle Store, because at this point he is an expert-level Manziel troll.

Check these out.


These shirts are just one of those things that were meant to be. The Manziel money picture really lends itself to the addition of a clipboard.

I’m sure Johnny doesn’t think these are too funny, but if I were him I’d embrace them. Buy a bunch. Wear them. Give a few to Drake. Make them cool. If you’re awful, you can at least be lovable and goofy. Like an NFL version of Brian Scalabrine. These shirts are your safety net, Johnny!

And why do I feel like this is just the beginning? With every passing week, as people dissect every aspect of Manziel’s life, there is going to be something released in his honor. Maybe a Reds jersey that says “Johnny’s Bench.” Or a reclining chair with pictures of Manziel’s face on it.

The only way he can turn this around and make the razzing stop, is if he takes the starting job from Hoyer, and absolutely kills it after that. Based on that last preseason game though, Manziel has a long way to go before he gets to that level. For now, he just needs to work on his throws, and using his words,

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