Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2014: FanDuel Staff Edition

August 21 2:49pm
Matt Hevia

Draft day is a tense moment in the life of any hardcore fantasy football player. It separates the men from the men that call in sick to work so that they can brush up on their kicker rankings. You’ve done your fantasy football mock draft. Now, you just hope that your real draft goes well, and that your wing related heartburn from the draft party subsides within a few days.

Today was our draft day at FanDuel. Our staff took part in a season long draft, to see who in the office reigns supreme when it comes to fantasy football. Since there are a lot of us, we broke up into a bunch of 12 team leagues, with the winners of each league playing each other in the playoffs later on this year.

Once I finished my team, I figured I would show you guys how I did. This can serve as a fantasy football mock draft for you without going through the hassle of actually doing one. It also gives you the opportunity to check out draft trends, see how highly certain rookies were taken in the draft, and learn from my mistakes if you think my team is garbage.

Here are the results from my 12 team league. The name of my team is Milliner Island. I was 10th in the draft order. Time for the breakdown. Here. We. Go.

Round 1, Pick 10

Pick Overall Position Player
1 1 RB1 Adrian Peterson, MIN
2 2 RB2 LeSean McCoy, PHI
3 3 RB3 Jamaal Charles, KC
4 4 RB4 Matt Forte, CHI
5 5 RB5 Eddie Lacy, GB
6 6 QB1 Peyton Manning, DEN
7 7 WR1 Calvin Johnson, DET
8 8 TE1 Jimmy Graham, NO
9 9 RB6 Marshawn Lynch, SEA
10 10 QB2 Drew Brees, NO
11 11 WR2 Demaryius Thomas, DEN
12 12 RB6 Montee Ball, DEN


Drew Brees QB, New Orleans Saints

As you can see, there was a major run on running backs to begin the draft. By the time my pick came up, I had a few options. I could have either gone with the flow and picked another running back, or I could have taken one of the best players at another position. I wasn’t about to take a chance on a middle of the road running back , or a guy that is “supposed to break out” with my first pick, so I took Drew Brees. Also, scoring will be different in every league, but it just so happens that touchdown passes are worth the same amount of points as rushing touchdowns in this league, and Brees threw 39 of those last season. Welcome to the team, Drew.

Round 2, Pick 15

Pick Overall Position Player
12 13 RB7 DeMarco Murray, DAL
11 14 WR3 Brandon Marshall, CHI
10 15 WR4 A.J. Green, CIN
9 16 RB8 Giovani Bernard, CIN
8 17 WR5 Dez Bryant, DAL
7 18 TE2 Rob Gronkowski, NE
6 19 RB9 Adrian Foster, HOU
5 20 WR6 Antonio Brown, PIT
4 21 RB10 Doug Martin, TB
3 22 WR7 Julio Jones, ATL
2 23 QB3 Aaron Rodgers, GB
1 24 RB11 Alfred Morris, WAS


AJ Green WR, Cincinnati Bengals

AJ Green was on the board, and is pretty much a lock to have a great season. Like I said, the running back situation made it impossible to justify drafting anyone that was still left with a pick this high. He’s been getting better every year. 1,426 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns last season? Sign me up. I have a feeling that not making this pick would have resulted in me crying in the shower and screaming “WHY?!?!” on a weekly basis. Had to do it.

Round 3, Pick 34

Pick Overall Position Player
1 25 QB4 Andrew Luck, IND
2 26 RB12 Reggie Bush, DET
3 27 RB13 Le’Veon Bell, PIT
4 28 WR8 Wes Welker, DEN
5 29 RB14 Andre Ellington, ARI
6 30 WR9 Alshon Jeffery, CHI
7 31 QB5 Matthew Stafford, DET
8 32 WR10 Jordy Nelson, GB
9 33 WR11 Randall Cobb, GB
10 34 RB15 Zac Stacy, STL
11 35 RB16 Rashad Jennings, NYG
12 36 WR12 Andre Johnson, HOU


Zac Stacy RB, St. Louis Rams

At this point, you can see everyone has been mixing it up. Since passing touchdowns, receiving touchdowns, and rushing touchdowns have all been valued the same in this league, it wasn’t as necessary to take players in a specific order. I think people went running back first out of habit, and because once you leave that elite tier of top backs, the drop off can be substantial. I realized that it was 1000% time to get a running back. I had to. Zac Stacy was the best available, and I feel confident in him building off of a year where he ran for 973 yards, and scored 7 touchdowns.

Round 4, Pick 39

Pick Overall Position Player
12 37 WR13 Vincent Jackson, TB
11 38 TE3 Julius Thomas, DEN
10 39 RB17 Toby Gerhart, JAX
9 40 WR14 Keenan Allen, SD
8 41 RB18 Ryan Mathews, SD
7 42 RB19 C.J. Spiller, BUF
6 43 TE4 Vernon Davis, SF
5 44 RB20 Ben Tate, CLE
4 45 WR15 Victor Cruz, NYG
3 46 WR16 Pierre Garcon, WAS
2 47 WR17 Cordarrelle Patterson, MIN
1 48 WR18 Larry Fitzgerald, ARI


Toby Gerhart RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

So, I have an elite quarterback and wide receiver, and a young running back with promise. After taking a look around, I figured I would take my first real chance of the draft. I picked Toby Gerhart. Now, people are freaking out about the potential for him to bust out this season, and I hope he does, but it’s still a scary pick. He has never carried the ball more than 109 times in a season, which is concerning for a guy that is going to become a team’s bell cow. At the same time though, Denard Robinson is his competition for the starting job, so he’ll probably get plenty of chances to succeed.

Round 5, Pick 58

Pick Overall Position Player
1 49 WR19 DeSean Jackson, WAS
2 50 WR20 Roddy White, ATL
3 51 WR21 Michael Crabtree, SF
4 52 QB6 Cam Newton, CAR
5 53 RB21 Trent Richardson, IND
6 54 RB22 Benny Cunningham, STL
7 55 RB23 Joique Bell, DET
8 56 RB24 Bishop Sankey, TEN
9 57 RB25 Frank Gore, SF
10 58 TE5 Zach Ertz, PHI
11 59 WR22 Percy Harvin, SEA
12 60 RB26 Chris Johnson, NYJ


Zach Ertz TE, Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Ertz has breakout potential for the Eagles this year, and I’m buying into it. With DeSean Jackson out of the picture, Ertz should get some extra looks, and has shown people thus far that he is capable of being a dynamic playmaker. Also, he earned the honor of being one of 11 tight ends in the history of the NFL to record 450 yards receiving in their rookie year. That sounds good to me. Plus, at this point, all of the can’t miss tight ends were off the board.

Round 6, Pick 63

Pick Overall Position Player
12 61 WR23 Michael Floyd, ARI
11 62 WR24 T.Y. Hilton, IND
10 63 RB27 Lamar Miller, MIA
9 64 WR25 Kendall Wright, TEN
8 65 WR26 Julian Edelman, NE
7 66 WR27 Mike Wallace, MIA
6 67 WR28 Torrey Smith, BAL
5 68 RB28 Ray Rice, BAL
4 69 TE6 Jordan Cameron, CLE
3 70 WR29 Eric Decker, NYJ
2 71 TE7 Jason Witten, DAL
1 72 TE8 Greg Olsen, CAR


Lamar Miller RB, Miami Dolphins

This pick made me shake my head a little bit. I really hope this works out. I think I was freaked out by the potential lack of rushing threats on my team, and took a shot on Miller. Knowshon Moreno has been a walking disaster this preseason, having come to camp overweight, and then requiring surgery on his knee. To me, Lamar Miller is going to get the majority of the carries on this Dolphins team. Also, I’m banking on the fact that Bill Lazor is the team’s offensive coordinator. His spread offense turned Shady McCoy into a wild man, why can’t it do the same for good old Lamar?

Round 7, Pick 82

Pick Overall Position Player
1 73 RB29 Steven Jackson, ATL
2 74 WR30 Emmanuel Sanders, DEN
3 75 WR31 Terrance Williams, DAL
4 76 WR32 Marques Colston, NO
5 77 RB30 Shane Vereen, NE
6 78 QB7 Nick Foles, PHI
7 79 DEF1 Seattle Seahawks 
8 80 QB8 Colin Kaepernick, SF
9 81 QB9 Robert Griffin III, WAS
10 82 WR33 Brandin Cooks, NO
11 83 RB31 Maurice Jones-Drew, OAK
12 84 QB10 Tom Brady, NE


Brandin Cooks WR, New Orleans Saints

Don’t sleep on Brandin Cooks. This was a big round for quarterbacks, and the first defense was snatched off the board, but I knew I wanted Cooks. He was at the top of the list of available receivers, and the ability to stack him and Drew Brees is tantalizing. He is already potentially the most dangerous weapon that the Saints have, considering he has the speed to beat you deep, and can also run a quick slant to snag a bunch of yards after the catch. Plus, the Saints’ schedule features teams that were pretty bad at defending the pass last season. Don’t be surprised if he’s this team’s number one receiver real soon.

Round 8, Pick 87

Pick Overall Position Player
12 85 TE9 Dennis Pitta, BAL
11 86 TE10 Jordan Reed, WAS
10 87 WR34 Tavon Austin, STL
9 88 RB32 Fred Jackson, BUF
8 89 RB33 Pierre Thomas, NO
7 90 RB34 DeAngelo Williams, CAR
6 91 QB11 Matt Ryan, ATL
5 92 WR35 Jeremy Maclin, PHI
4 93 RB35 Stevan Ridley, NE
3 94 QB12 Tony Romo, DAL
2 95 WR36 Reggie Wayne, IND
1 96 RB36 Darren Sproles, PHI


Tavon Austin WR St. Louis Rams

There were a couple of flex spots that needed to be filled, so I went with another speedy receiver in Tavon Austin. In his rookie season he snagged 418 receiving yards and found the end zone four times. Not too bad. But consider this. Right now, Kenny Britt is listed as the team’s number one receiver. Britt has a lot to prove, and a tumultuous past that doesn’t make him a lock to be productive. Because of that, Austin could easily find himself as this team’s number one wideout before the season is over.

Round 9, Pick 106

Pick Overall Position Player
1 97 WR37 Anquan Boldin, SF
2 98 WR38 Riley Cooper, PHI
3 99 TE11 Kyle Rudolph, MIN
4 100 WR39 Sammy Watkins, BUF
5 101 QB13 Jay Cutler, CHI
6 102 RB36 Danny Woodhead, SD
7 103 RB37 Bernard Pierce, BAL
8 104 DEF2 Carolina Panthers
9 105 TE12 Martellus Bennett, CHI
10 106 RB38 Andre Williams, NYG
11 107 QB14 Philip Rivers, SD
12 108 WR40 DeAndre Hopkins, HOU


Andre Williams RB New York Giants

My first bench player, and another running back to lay my hopes on. I wouldn’t have taken Williams a few weeks ago, but the Giants backfield has changed drastically, making the Boston College product a factor. David Wilson was supposed to pair up with Rashad Jennings and Peyton Hillis to form a three headed monster, until Wilson had to retire suddenly, and Hillis got injured. That left Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams as default rushing duo for the G-Men. They are both power runners, and Williams led the entire NCAA in rushing yards last season. I’m hoping some of that can translate to the NFL. And at the very least, it’d be cool if he could vulture a few Jennings touchdowns.

Round 10, Pick 111

Pick Overall Position Player
12 109 DEF3 San Francisco 49ers
11 110 RB39 Mark Ingram, NO
10 111 TE13 Ladarius Green, SD
9 112 DEF4 Cincinnati Bengals
8 113 RB40 Terrance West, CLE
7 114 WR41 Dwayne Bowe, KC
6 115 RB41 Knowshon Moreno, MIA
5 116 WR42 Golden Tate, DET
4 117 TE14 Charles Clay, MIA
3 118 DEF5 Denver Broncos
2 119 K1 Matt Prater, DEN
1 120 WR42 Hakeem Nicks, IND


Ladarius Green TE, San Diego Chargers

In a round where people took a few defenses, and some secondary receivers, I thought I got a steal in Ladarius Green. Yes, the Chargers still have Antonio Gates, but he is roughly 190 years old. This season there will be more emphasis put on the young and athletic Green, who should be a great NFL tight end for years to come. Last year, he only made 17 catches, but still had 376 yards receiving and three touchdowns. Those numbers would look pretty good expanded over an entire season.

Round 11, Pick 130

Pick Overall Position Player
1 121 RB42 Shonn Greene, TEN
2 122 DEF6 New England Patriots
3 123 K2 Stephen Gostkowski, NE
4 124 QB15 Russell Wilson, SEA
5 125 RB43 Darren McFadden, OAK
6 126 DEF7 Arizona Cardinals
7 127 RB44 Carlos Hyde, SF
8 128 WR43 Mike Evans, TB
9 129 K3 Steven Hauschka, SEA
10 130 K4 Phil Dawson, SF
11 131 DEF8 Kansas City Chiefs
12 132 K5 Justin Tucker, BAL


Phil Dawson K, San Francisco 49ers

Simply put, people thought it was kicker and defense time, and I agreed. I took Phil Dawson because of his reliability. He is 39, and some people are freaked out that he missed his first two kicks at Levi’s Stadium, but I think he’ll be fine. And if not, the waiver wire is pretty reliable when it comes to kicking help.

Round 12, Pick 135

Pick Overall Position Player
12 133 WR44 Rueben Randle, NYG
11 134 K6 Mason Crosby, GB
10 135 DEF9 St. Louis Rams
9 136 WR45 Justin Hunter, TEN
8 137 RB45 Devonta Freeman, ATL
7 138 WR46 Danny Amendola, NE
6 139 K7 Nick Folk, NYJ
5 140 TE15 Antonio Gates, SD
4 141 WR47 Brian Hartline, MIA
3 142 QB16 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
2 143 TE16 Eric Ebron, DET
1 144 WR48 Greg Jennings, MIN


St. Louis Rams Defense

The Rams added Aaron Donald to their already impressive defensive line in this year’s draft, and are now the only team in football to have four former first-round picks on their d-line. The Rams have been cultivating a strong defense for years now, and their patience should pay off this season.

Round 13, Pick 154

Pick Overall Position Player
1 145 QB17 Ryan Tannehill, MIA
2 146 QB18 Alex Smith, KC
3 147 RB46 Jeremy Hill, CIN
4 148 DEF10 Buffalo Bills
5 149 WR49 Doug Baldwin, SEA
6 150 RB47 Chris Ivory, NYJ
7 151 QB19 Andy Dalton, CIN
8 152 RB48 Khiry Robinson, NO
9 153 WR50 Markus Wheaton, PIT
10 154 QB20 Carson Palmer, ARI
11 155 WR51 Aaron Dobson, NE
12 156 TE17 Delanie Walker, TEN


Carson Palmer QB, Arizona Cardinals

This is the point in the draft where the rest of the bench is being filled up. It’s important to pay attention and not phone your picks in, but you can take chances. Realistically, as long as he’s healthy, I’m never, ever sitting Drew Brees. Only during his bye week, when I have to. Palmer threw for over 4,000 yards and 24 touchdowns last season, although he did have a habit of throwing a lot of interceptions (22). Hopefully he can chill with the interceptions the one week I (potentially) start him.

Round 14, Pick 159

Pick Overall Position Player
12 157 WR52 Cecil Shorts, JAX
11 158 QB21 Joe Flacco, BAL
10 159 WR53 Kelvin Benjamin, CAR
9 160 TE18 Tyler Eifert, CIN
8 161 TE19 Heath Miller, PIT
7 162 WR54 Robert Woods, BUF
6 163 TE20 Dwayne Allen, IND
5 164 WR55 Kenny Stills, NO
4 165 RB49 Ahmad Bradshaw, IND
3 166 RB50 Lance Dunbar, DAL
2 167 RB51 LeGarrette Blount, PIT
1 168 TE21 Jared Cook, STL


Kelvin Benjamin WR, Carolina Panthers

The Carolina receiving corps is a mess. Right now, their number one receiver based on production and experience is Jerricho Cotchery. I refuse to accept that it will remain this way all season. Benjamin is a rookie out of Florida State with tremendous playmaking ability. Cam has to throw the ball to someone, and as long as Benjamin stays healthy, I think he has huge upside, and becomes the go-to guy.

Round 15, Pick 178

Pick Overall Position Player
1 169 DEF11 Chicago Bears
2 170 WR56 Steve Smith, BAL
3 171 TE22 Travis Kelce, KC
4 172 WR57 Miles Austin, CLE
5 173 WR58 Jordan Matthews, PHI
6 174 WR59 Kenny Britt, STL
7 175 WR60 James Jones, OAK
8 176 K8 Alex Henery, PHI
9 177 WR61 Rod Streater, OAK
10 178 RB52 Mike Tolbert, CAR
11 179 RB54 Ronnie Hillman, DEN
12 180 RB55 Knile Davis, KC


Mike Tolbert RB, Carolina Panthers

To be totally honest, I just want him to vulture DeAngelo Williams’ touchdowns. He’s a big, meaty monster, and that is pretty much entirely where his value lies. Moving on…

Round 16, Pick 183

Pick Overall Position Player
12 181 RB56 Dexter McCluster, KC
11 182 WR62 Josh Gordon, CLE
10 183 QB22 Blake Bortles, JAX
9 184 RB57 Jonathan Stewart, CAR
8 185 QB23 Geno Smith, NYJ
7 186 RB58 Christine Michael, SEA
6 187 QB24 Jake Locker, TEN
5 188 DEF12 Pittsburgh Steelers
4 189 RB59 Roy Helu, WAS
3 190 QB25 Johnny Manziel, CLE
2 191 WR63 Kenbrell Thompkins, NE
1 192 K9 Dan Bailey, DAL


Blake Bortles QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

I did this for a couple of reasons. I don’t believe that Chad Henne will be starting all season in Jacksonville. Bortles has shown too much this preseason. I have two quarterbacks already, so the idea here would be to use one of these reserves as trade bait, or pick which one is going to perform better based on their matchup during Brees’ bye week.

Round 17, Pick 202

Pick Overall Position Player
1 193 RB60 Jonathan Grimes, HOU
2 194 DEF13 Houston Texans
3 195 RB61 Jacquizz Rodgers, ATL
4 196 K9 Blair Walsh, MIN
5 197 K10 Nick Novak, SD
6 198 QB26 Eli Manning, NYG
7 199 K11 Matt Bryant, ATL
8 200 WR64 Odell Beckham, NYG
9 201 RB62 James Starks, GB
10 202 WR65 Donte Moncrief, IND
11 203 WR66 Harry Douglas, ATL
12 204 WR67 Jattett Boykin, GB


Donte Moncrief WR, Indianapolis Colts

And with my final pick, I selected Donte Moncrief from the Indianapolis Colts. Moncrief is interesting. He’s a big body that is drawing rave reviews, and could become a key part of the Colts offense if Hakeem Nicks fails to produce and Reggie Wayne can’t stay healthy. If these two do manage to stay on the field, he may not net numbers good enough to merit starting him, but with the last pick in the draft, I was willing to take a chance.

So, what did you think of my team? Weigh in on Twitter and follow us @Fanduel. Also, don’t forget to sign up at to play in one-week fantasy football leagues for real cash!

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