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This Soccer Team is Paying Fans to Watch Them Play

Aug 20 12:23pm


Non-league soccer (football) team, Hull United AFC is extending an unbelievable offer to area fans. Come see us play, and we’ll pay you.

The club is offering fans £2 just for showing up to their first home game. That’s about $2.66 in American money, which isn’t a lot, but still. This is an extremely rare occurrence. Honestly, bad American teams should start considering this. I know many people that follow such miserable teams, that they feel like they should absolutely be getting paid to watch games. And I can’t even blame them. If you have been a Browns, Padres, Timberwolves, or Islanders fan, you should have been getting paid to watch for years.

This idea was formulated by Jamie Waltham, the 33-year old owner of Hull City United. He didn’t do it to make up for having an awful team though. Waltham figured that so many people were getting priced out of watching the city’s Premier League team, Hull City, that they could use another option.

“I speak to a lot of people who feel priced out and prices go through the roof when you are in the best league in the world.” He also added “If 500 people come through the door then I’ll pay out £1,000 because I feel that sometimes you have to give before you get back. It’s about offering an alternative and an incentive to come down and watching something a little bit different.”

Pretty cool idea. Additionally, Waltham is working to make the in-stadium prices appealing for the team’s first home game, selling beer for £2, and discounting food prices.

So basically, you can either go to a game for free, and be given a free beer. Or, you can get paid to go to a game, collect your £2, and save them for a rainy day. Either way, if you go to the first Hull United home game, you’re going to be treated right.

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