Report: Browns Name Brian Hoyer Starting Quarterback

Aug 20 9:47am


Well, it’s official. Brian Hoyer is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, meaning Johnny Football will be Johnny Clipboard for the foreseeable future.

The incumbent Browns quarterback hasn’t been dominant this preseason, having gone 6 for 14 with 92 passing yards so far. But it hasn’t mattered. Hoyer was essentially able to sit back and let Manziel’s inexperience and lack of composure win the job for him. Manziel, who had gotten off to a decent start this preseason, was given first team reps against the Redskins this past Monday, and was less than stellar. He looked like a rookie, having trouble with timing, and never being able to find any sort of consistent rhythm. And then, the cherry on top of an underwhelming performance? Manziel flipped off the Redskins sideline, after being taunted by Brian Orakpo and a few others. That’s a pretty foolish move for a guy that oozes bravado, and knows that the world is currently watching his every move, waiting for him to slip up.

The question now, is how long Hoyer will be able to remain the Browns quarterback. The 28-year-old out of Michigan State got his first real taste of a starting gig last season. He was decent for Cleveland, throwing for 615 yards and five touchdowns, while leading the team to three straight victories. Here’s the catch. Those three victories came against Minnesota, Cincinnati, and Buffalo, with Cincinnati being the most talented team in that group. This season will be much more daunting from the start for Hoyer, as the Browns open up playing the Steelers on the road, and then come home to play the Saints and the Ravens.

So basically, that will be the veteran quarterback’s chance to sink or swim. And if it goes badly, I would expect to see the Manziel era begin on the road in Tennessee after the team’s week four bye.

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