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No One Likes Manchester United More Than This Guy

Aug 20 10:55am

One of the most recognizable soccer teams in the world is Manchester United. With Premier League action just getting underway, there are plenty of fans around the globe excited for players to be back on the field. However, it’d be really hard to find a fan that’s more of a diehard than this one:


We talk about fans getting crazy tattoos all the time. Usually, they’re anointing their favorite team as champions before the season even starts. This guy wasn’t crazy in that respect, but I’ve never seen anyone put a team logo right in the middle of their forehead. Believe it or not, this was actually the celebration after a 15-year battle the Bulgarian fan just won.

Wanting everyone to immediately know where his allegiance lies when they come into contact with him, he’s been trying to change his name to Manchester United. Finally successful, his full name is now Manchester Zdravkov Levidzhov-United, but I’m sure he’d rather be referred to as Mr. Man U.

Winning this name changing battle wasn’t enough for him and his cat — named David Beckham — to celebrate. So, he put an exclamation point at the end of this ordeal by getting the team’s crest tattooed in the most visible place he could think of.

This whole story is almost too amazing for words.

I applaud this man for going all-out to show love for his favorite soccer team. He put it perfectly in a quote captured by the Irish Independent:

“Now, whenever someone asks my name, I point to my forehead and smile. It makes me stand out and proves my loyalty to United.”

Sounds like a bit of an understatement, but he’s right. I dare anyone to find a fan that loves his/her favorite team as much as this guy. You’ll be looking for a long, long time. If you ever find someone, that is.

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