New Features Alert: Major Upgrades to Draft Screen

Aug 20 10:57am

At FanDuel, we’re always trying our best to optimize your user experience, and we’re excited to announce a few improvements now featured on our draft screen.

Draft Screen (2)

First, there are now injury indicators. Haven’t been able to check your regular list of blogs and sites to get all of the players news you need before drafting? No problem. Now, you’ll have the luxury of a visual indicator that lets you know when a player is hurting, likely making him a poor draft choice.

Also, in addition to making the load speed on our draft screen faster, we are making it easier to pay with FDP (FanDuel Points), by giving you the FDP conversion rate under each contest’s entry fee.

Another beneficial upgrade has come in the form of keeping drafted players on the available player list, for comparison purposes. Now, when you draft a player, if you end up wavering on your choice, you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the player from your roster in order to compare him to a potential replacement.

And finally, we have consolidated the contests you’ve entered, your entries, and your prizes all in one place. This will make it much easier to track your FanDuel activity and progress.

Consolidated Lightbox

So, there you have it. A few big changes, and a little bit of general housekeeping. We hope you enjoy these new features, as we always want our site to be the best it can be. Feel free to send along feedback, and get psyched for football season!

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