Forbes Says Average NFL Team Valued at $1.43 Billion

August 20 12:59pm
Matt Musico


Baseball is still called America’s favorite pastime, but it’s no secret that the most popular sport in the United States is professional football. In case you were skeptical, Forbes released their annual report of the NFL’s most valuable teams, and they blow every other sport out of the water.

Mike Ozanian was on the report, which made some history. The average value of an NFL team is $1.43 billion. Yes, that’s billion. With a B.

Not only did this number increase 23 percent from 2013, it’s the highest average value for professional football teams since Forbes started this report 17 years ago. It’s good to be an owner in professional football right now. Why do you think groups are trying their best to get a hold of the Buffalo Bills?

Here is where every team ranks in value heading into the 2014 season:

1. Dallas Cowboys — $3.2 billion

2. New England Patriots — $2.6 billion

3. Washington Redskins — $2.4 billion

4. New York Giants — $2.1 billion

5. Houston Texans — $1.85 billion

6. New York Jets — $1.8 billion

7. Philadelphia Eagles — $1.75 billion

8. Chicago Bears — $1.7 billion

9. San Francisco 49ers — $1.6 billion

10. Baltimore Ravens — $1.5 billion

11. Denver Broncos — $1.45 billion

12. Indianapolis Colts — $1.4 billion

13. Green Bay Packers — $1.375 billion

14. Pittsburgh Steelers — $1.35 billion

15. Seattle Seahawks — $1.33 billion

16. Miami Dolphins — $1.3 billion

17. Carolina Panthers — $1.25 billion

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — $1.225 billion

19. Tennessee Titans — $1.16 billion

20. Minnesota Vikings — $1.15 billion

21. Atlanta Falcons — $1.125 billion

22. Cleveland Browns — $1.12 billion

23. New Orleans Saints — $1.11 billion

24. Kansas City Chiefs — $1.10 billion

25. Arizona Cardinals — $1 billion

26. San Diego Chargers — $995 million

27. Cincinnati Bengals — $990 million

28. Oakland Raiders — $970 million

29. Jacksonville Jaguars — $965 million

30. Detroit Lions — $960 million

31. Buffalo Bills — $935 million

32. St. Louis Rams — $930 million

It should be no surprise to see the Cowboys once again be named the most valuable team in the league, a title they’ve claimed for the last eight consecutive years. Even if you’re the least valuable team in the league like the Rams, a potential sale could still net current ownership approximately $1 billion. That’s not bad, and something none of the other teams at the bottom of the food chain in other professional leagues can claim.

Every single NFL team is worth more than the average value of an MLB team ($811 million) and NBA team ($634 million).

So, if you’re in the market to own a professional sports team, look into buying an NFL team. Clearly, that’s the most bang for your buck.

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