Dodgers' Yasiel Puig Shows Off Cat-Like Reflexes

Aug 20 1:24pm

Say what you will about Yasiel Puig, but the guy is talented. Sure, sometimes he has mental lapses, and sometimes people are less than enamored with his attitude, but he’s talented. He’s got a cannon for an arm, tons of power at the plate, and apparently, insane reflexes.

Puig was angry after striking out last night, and upon returning to the dugout, he went to slam his helmet down, and learned that helmets bounce. Here’s what happened next.

Is it just me, or did the helmet look like it was on a string? Puig, like an angry magician, managed to snatch the uppity helmet post-ricochet, avoiding injury, or causing injury to others. That was probably the most talent filled outburst of all-time. If that were me, the helmet would have 1000% hit me right in the face. There would have been blood everywhere. Instead, Puig did this with the kind of nonchalance that sometimes gets him in trouble while playing.

He looked like a bored NHL goalie. “Oh a helmet flying towards me? Ugh, get out of here, helmet.”

Puig may never be a student of the game, or possess Derek Jeter-levels of class, but one thing is for sure. As long as he’s playing, the Dodgers will never be a boring team to watch.

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