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You've Got to See What a Golf Ball Did to This Guy's Head

Aug 19 1:03pm

Some sports are very dangerous, and provide participants with the chance to suffer a brutal injury. Usually, these sports also involve hitting of some sort. When thinking of potentially dangerous sports, my mind usually jumps to football, hockey, and rugby. Then, there are sports that are much more leisurely. Competitive, but don’t involve contact, which significantly decreases your chances of getting injured. What I’m trying to say here is that you shouldn’t play golf, and leave looking like you just fought Mike Tyson in the 90s

The man in the picture below, who looks like the love child of Gary Sinise and Kenny Rogers (the singer, not the pitcher), is Joakim Boden. Boden is from Sweden, was playing golf with some buddies, and now has a small planet growing out of his forehead. He got hit in the head with a shot, and reported that on impact, “it sounded like a gun shot.” Take a look.


This guy does not look happy, and rightfully so. They said he was playing golf with his friends, but didn’t really elaborate much on exactly how this happened. The reason I’m curious, is because to get a lump that size on your head, I feel like you would have to be kneeling three feet from someone while they’re getting ready to drive the ball 300 yards. Hopefully Boden is smarter than that.

If I were him, I would join a traveling carnival for the next few weeks, and claim to be the man who has a golf ball growing from his skull. He might as well try and make money off of what is otherwise just a gruesome, and probably very painful, injury.

Also, it may be time to discuss helmets in golf. I’m just saying.

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