This Hockey Shootout Goal Includes Three Spins and an Alley-Oop Pass

Aug 19 5:39pm

While P.K. Subban is still enjoying the eight-year, $72 million contract he recently signed with the Montreal Canadiens, his brothers are busy having a good time at BioSteel Camp. Jordan, a defenseman in the Canucks’ system, went head-to-head in a shootout competition with his brother Malcolm, who is a goaltender in the Bruins’ system.

Jordan had a pretty ridiculous shot in mind and executed it perfectly to put the puck in the back of the net:

His brother’s reaction to this insane shot was priceless. He had no idea how to react while it was happening. Malcolm probably knew better than anyone on the ice how this shot attempt would end — he’s been having to block his brother’s shots as long as they’ve both been able to use hockey sticks.

The amount of concentration and balance this took to pull off is unbelievable. I can hardly skate with no pads on without holding a hockey stick. Moving is also debatable. Spinning three times and hitting a small object out of the air into a guarded net? Yea, I think I’ll pass instead of giving it a try and humiliating myself.

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