This Bengals Fan's Must-See Beard is Outrageous

Aug 19 4:18pm

There’s being a Bengals fan, and then there’s being a BENGALS FAN. This guy is definitely the latter, and has proven it by not only painting his face, but also dying his beard, so that he looks like a tiger. To say that this guy is hardcore is an understatement. If you’re reading this Fireman Ed, this is the kind of stuff that you should have done. You should have grown a beard, and sculpted it into a jet, and then turned it green. You don’t hold a candle to this guy.


Not only is he a super fan, but he’s also pretty intimidating. The only thing left for him to do to seal the deal, and officially become a guy that you do not want to mess with, is tattoo this look onto his face. Yeah, he may regret it when he’s older, but I guarantee you he always gets his own seat on the train. Apparently this is not Bengal man’s first beard rodeo, as the facial hair enthusiast is known for using his beard in a variety of unique ways.

He has carried beer with it, probably to a tailgate.


And when basketball season comes around, get yourself a mini-basketball, and his beard will serve as the hoop.


Never change, Ohio beard guy. Never change.

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