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Rory McIlroy Calls Out Tiger Woods During "Tonight Show" Appearance

Aug 19 10:24am

Jimmy Fallon is doing a great job since taking over on The Tonight Show. Monday night was another great episode, having two of professional golf’s most interesting men in Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods make a joint appearance.

The show was highlighted by Fallon losing a game of Facebreakers to the recent PGA Championship winner, despite Woods being his caddy.

The most intriguing part of their appearance occurred before Facebreakers while Fallon was interviewing them both.

Woods has 14 major championships under his belt, while McIlroy only has four. His recent dominance has started whispers of the torch being passed from Tiger to Rory, but he has plenty of work to do before he’s actually viewed in the same light.

Instead of using the present tense to describe Tiger, McIlroy talked about him like he wasn’t relevant anymore while discussing his current hot streak:

“Makes me appreciate how hard he worked, and how dominant a figure he was in our game.”

He was referring to the dominant run earlier on in his career, but it also sounded as if Tiger had retired. Even though he’ll be turning 39 in a few months and his bad back hindered him this year, he is far from being an afterthought in any tournament he enters — as long as he comes back healthy.

At just 25 years old and his recent hot streak on the course, Rory is on the verge of taking his game to the level of some great golfers, but that still remains to be seen.

I’d compare Tiger’s competitive streak to that of Michael Jordan, and that one statement surely fueled his fire. As if he needed anymore motivation. The man hates to lose and will do anything in his power to return to dominance. Once he’s healthy enough to get back on the course and compete, it will be fun to watch these two battle one another as they fight for their respective places in history.

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