Brian Orakpo Taunts Johnny Manziel With Money Signs

Aug 19 10:13am

Jonathan Football had better develop some thick skin, because it’s only preseason, but opposing team’s have their Manziel taunts in regular season form. Last night the Browns played the Redskins, and Johnny Manziel finally got a taste of what it’s like to take first team reps. He is competing with Brian Hoyer for the Browns’ starting quarterback role, with an announcement on the winner expected some time this week.

Manziel looked a bit shaky, showing flashes of talent on some plays, while also displaying poor timing, throwing behind a lot of his receivers.

Then there was this play, where Brian Orakpo managed to catch and take down the quarterback who was known for his elusiveness in college. What came after the play is probably something that Manziel should get used to seeing, after getting sacked or picked off this season.

Yep, Brian Orakpo flashed the money sign. Here’s a still, in case you’d like to print it out and frame it.


This is what happens though, when you’re a cocky quarterback. Manziel may end up being good, and then he’ll just look like the guy that believed in himself. But if he hits bumps in the road, like most quarterbacks do, he can expect to be mercilessly taunted by opposing teams.  There will be money signs, references to the lavish vacations he often takes, a few shots at his relationship with Drake, and maybe someone will go as far as to call him Atticus Shaffer.


The resemblance is uncanny.

Later in yesterday’s game, Manziel was seen flipping off the Redskins bench after being taunted by Orakpo and a few other teammates. This lack of composure may be costly to the rookie quarterback’s chances, and shows other teams that he is susceptible to being rattled.

Even if Manziel can’t take the heat, and doesn’t become a great NFL quarterback, we can all be sure that his attitude will make it so that the Browns are never boring. And for that Johnny, I thank you.

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