Panthers Punter Jordan Gay Turns in Worst Play of 2014 NFL Preseason

Aug 18 9:29am

The NFL preseason gives players a chance to showcase their skills during game situations while fighting for a roster spot. It’s safe to say Jordan Gay hasn’t made the most of those opportunities in his two chances this summer with the Carolina Panthers.

He’s currently listed as the backup punter on Carolina’s depth chart. Brad Nortman’s spot as the team’s first option for that position hasn’t been threatened in the slightest. Gay missed an extra point in the Panthers’ preseason opener, followed by this eight-yard punt against the Kansas City Chiefs over the weekend.

There have been some other bad plays during the preseason so far, but this has to be the worst. How many times do we see a punt not travel at least 10 yards, especially when the punter hasn’t been interfered with?

I like how he looked at the ground after shanking the punt, as if it was the ground’s fault. That’s the equivalent of a baseball player staring at his glove after making an error in the field.

He’s had a tough couple of weeks, though. At this point, I’d be looking for some kind of explanation behind this poor play, too. The 24-year-old entered preseason with hopes of it ending differently than 2013. He was cut by the Panthers at the end of last August.

Nortman has been with Carolina since 2012, averaging 45.3 yards per punt during that time (146 total punts). Unfortunately, Nortman’s presence plus Gay’s bad performances leave an getting cut from the roster more of a probability than a possibility.

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