New Jersey Farm Honors Derek Jeter With Corn Maze

August 18 8:50am
Matt Hevia

As everyone knows, or at least I assume everyone knows because it has been pretty unavoidable, this is Derek Jeter’s final season. The lifelong Yankee has been one of the games most celebrated figures for almost 20 years, and is the final puzzle piece from the juggernaut Yankee teams of the 90s to retire. As is customary when any legend calls it quits, people go out of their way to give them wacky gifts. So far, Jeter has received, among other things, cowboy boots, cuff links, and even a personalized paddleboard. I’d say of those three things, he’ll probably get some use out of the cuff links…maybe. It turns out, the coolest gift he has received so far didn’t even come from anyone affiliated with Major League Baseball.

A farm in New Jersey, the state where Jeter grew up, took the time to immortalize the Yankee Captain by sculpting a picture of his  face using a corn maze. Take a look.


You don’t even have to be a Yankee fan to love this. The guy managed to plug his own farm, thank Derek Jeter, and then plug a radio station. This may not sound like a big deal, but that is a ton of land, and tons of time and effort. I’m pretty sure no player has ever had a corn maze dedicated to them before, which shows you how much people want to honor Jeter and his career.

Enjoy this gift Derek, it’s probably the best one you’ll get all season. Somewhere, Mariano Rivera is second guessing his entire career, wondering why he wasn’t deserving of a corn maze.

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