New 49ers Stadium Lets You Order Beer From Your Seat

August 18 11:23am
Matt Hevia

Yesterday was the San Francisco 49ers’ first home game at the brand new Levi’s Stadium. They played the Broncos, and wound up getting shellacked, 34-0. The score obviously didn’t matter, because preseason is the time where all teams work to get the kinks out. Instead, what was front and center was the team’s new stadium, a place that has been hyped as state of the art and progressive.

Now, I don’t think they’re setting aside parking spaces for hoverboards, or providing technology that telepathically allows you to update your Facebook just yet, but there were some cool new features on display at Levi’s Stadium.

The one that sticks out the most at the moment? the fact that you can order beer straight to your seats.


No longer do you have to wait in line for a $10 beer, it will come to you. This is pretty sweet. You’ll never have to miss a minute of the action, they tell you how long you have before kick off, and the process of choosing a beer seems pretty easy.

The only thing I wonder about, is whether or not there is a hidden cost here. Do you tip your server on all of the beers that he or she brings? Because if that’s the case, you have just turned a $10 beer into an $11 or $12 beer. I guess when you really think about it though, if you live in San Fran, and have money to go to a game, you may as well spring for the beer service.

And hey, are you a San Fran resident looking for a job? Because waiting on an entire stadium of people for four hours could be pretty lucrative. I’d sign up for that job fast, before drones that look like 49ers players are programmed to do it.

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