Korean Little Leaguers Love Doing the Bat Flip

Aug 18 12:39pm

The Little League World Series has shown us a lot so far. There is a player that is bigger than most Major Leaguers, Mo’ne Davis is mowing down the competition with some serious heat, one player from Illinois talks to girls to get ready for big games, and the brother of Tennessee’s Blake Money is named Cash.

All of that should be enough to make for an entertaining Little League World Series, but now Korea’s team is doing bat flips, adding a new wrinkle of fun to the tournament.

Look at these little Yasiel Puig and Carlos Gomez wannabes. Their bat flipping is ON POINT, but it would have been better if the balls left the park. To be fair, they did make it to the warning track. I think a valuable lesson was learned here. When you flip your bat, there’s always the chance that the ball stays in the yard, and you look silly.

But here’s the thing. The key to being a good bat flipper is never feeling silly. People may give you a hard time, and say that your flip was unwarranted, but you need to stand by it all the way. Carlos Gomez would flip his bat on a suicide squeeze, and look confused when someone took umbrage. Yasiel Puig would flip his bat on a strikeout, looking. All that matters is that you keep your bat flipping swag in tact, regardless of what is actually happening on the field.

Here’s a perfect example. Carlos Gomez bat flips a triple.

Hopefully there aren’t any Gerrit Cole’s in the LLWS, and team Korea can continue to show off their sweet bat flipping skills.

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