Twins Minor League Team Pitches Weirdest No-Hitter Ever

Aug 15 11:34am

Congratulations to the Minnesota Twins, whose Triple-A affiliate, the Rochester Red Wings, completed maybe the weirdest no-hitter in the history of no-hitters.

In a game played on July 24th, Trevor May pitched for the Red Wings against the Durham Bulls, in Durham. He had pitched three innings of no-hit ball, and then clouds rolled in, it rained, and the game was suspended. Nothing about this is out of the ordinary, so far. Pitchers get off to hot starts all the time, and if no-hitters were handed out based on three inning increments, you’d probably see about 10 per week. What happened next is what makes this no-no unique.

The game was picked up this past Monday. And because of scheduling, it had to be finished in Rochester. Also, Trevor May had been called up to the Twins since July 24th, making him unavailable to continue pitching.

Logan Darnell filled in for May, and wound up finishing off the no-hitter. Afterward, he texted May to let him know that he had become part of history. May responded simply by texting back “Boom! That’s awesome!” Yeah, that’s an appropriate response.

So to sum things up. The Rochester Red Wings pitched a no-hitter that took 18 days to complete, in two different cities, with two different pitchers. That’s about as crazy as it gets.

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