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This Little Leaguer's Pregame Ritual is Hilarious

Aug 15 1:01pm

The Little League World Series is awesome. Kids all around the world play baseball when they are young, but these are the best. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a place in my heart for the kid that was throwing clumps of grass at a bee in right field, or hit the ball and ran straight to third base, but it’s cool to see young players that are so talented.

And like every game, regardless of what age you are, there is a routine. There is superstition. Events that take place in games are attributed not only to your ability, but to the proper performance of a daily ritual. Some people talk to their bats, others jump over the foul line, and some have a specific type of gum or sunflower seed that they like to chew. And then there’s Trey Hondras. He’s a Little Leaguer from Illinois, and when he needs to get ready for a big game, he spends some time beforehand kicking it with the ladies.


That is unreal. At that age, if someone told me to go talk to girls as good luck before a game, I probably would have thrown up from sheer anxiety. I had different pregame routines for every sport I played, but none involved anything as smooth as Trey’s.

For soccer, I would cry in the car because I didn’t want to play. For baseball, I would see how many pieces of bazooka I could smash into my cheek, and for hockey, I’d usually listen to bad nu-metal, and put my right skate on first. Nothing overly exciting.

It’s going to be hard to not root for Illinois now in the Little League World Series, especially when I know that they have a player with the charisma of Will Smith from Hitch. Go get ’em Trey, and even if it’s unintentional, never stop being hilarious.

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