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Texas A&M Football Team's Reaction to Practice Getting Canceled is Priceless

Aug 15 11:44am

Football preseason is tough on players, whether it’s college or the pros. For a big-time college football program like Texas A&M, practices are sure to be intense on a daily basis. Johnny Manziel’s time there really put them on the map, and they have a tough season ahead in the SEC conference.

Head coach Kevin Sumlin knows training camp can be a trying time and his players need to let loose and have some fun. Maybe not the same kind of fun Manziel is accustomed to having, but something a little more controlled.

Instead of practice, Sumlin tells his team they’ll be going to the movies, and their reaction to the news is absolutely priceless.

Talk about getting excited! My favorite part was at the 25-second mark when a player stops running because he feels compelled to break it down with some nice dance moves.

I wonder if Sumlin was going to say which movie they’re going to go see, but the players didn’t stick around long enough to give him a chance. Maybe they’re going to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? That’d be my vote.

Is it just me, or did the start of this video sound like that awesome Snickers commercial from a few years back? You be the judge:

In both cases, the teams are pretty excited about not going back out to the football field. If Sumlin’s team is feeling sluggish the next morning after this outing, he can always resort to giving them all a Snickers bar. It worked for Alabama TE O.J. Howard for a while before he gave it up.

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