Walmart Features Innovative 49ers/Chiefs Mashup Jersey

Aug 14 2:05pm

If you live in Manteca, Calif. and you love both the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, then this is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Make sure you get to the local Walmart as soon as possible. The well-known retail corporation is allowed to carry officially licensed NFL products, but can’t label them as authentic. After this mistake made its way onto shelves, I doubt that’ll a problem:


Sports Kings was the first to point out the mistake, and it’s just wonderful. There is no excuse that can properly explain this. Alex Smith is currently on the Chiefs and played for the 49ers in the past, but they’ve got the wrong number on there. So much for using that as an out. Instead, this is a Frank Gore/Sean Smith 49ers/Chiefs jersey. If this was a reversible two-team jersey, then we might be in business. Not so much, though.

This is one of the many reasons fans head to places other than Walmart to get official NFL merchandise pledging allegiance to their favorite team. When it’s authentic, these kinds of mistakes don’t happen.

Anyone who does wear this will get plenty of weird looks once the mistake is realized. The teams are in different conferences, but this just won’t work. It’s like when a fan wears a Mets hat and Yankees jersey because he roots for all New York teams. You’ve got to pick one.

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