2014 DFBC Finalist: Strawberitas On The Menu For Rotokevin

August 7 10:11am
Nick Sharp

Rotokevin has had many heart-breaking DFS sweats in his lifetime, including a particularly tragic DFBC Qualifier just two years ago. On the night he was to punch his ticket to Vegas, however, the player admits to being “oddly not as engaged” and that very apathy seemed to do the trick.


How long have you been playing fantasy sports/baseball?

While most people get into fantasy sports through football, fantasy baseball was my first love.  I started my first league in 1992 and compiled the statistics from newspaper box scores.  Fantasy sports before the internet was a labor of love.


I played my first daily game in 2010 and have been playing regularly ever since.


In your opinion, how does daily fantasy compare to season-long?

They are completely different animals.  The strategy involved in building a winning season-long team is requires a much broader vision and understanding of organizations.  In daily, it’s all about micro-analyzing the matchups for the day.  I enjoy both challenges for what they are, but the daily experience is much more engaging.


How would you describe your overall approach to drafting?

It all starts with pitching.  I segment the day’s matchups into favorable, neutral and unfavorable pitching matchups.  I then zero in on my preferred starting pitcher for the night and surround him with hitters from games where I expect run production.  Generally speaking I’m not a stacker, rather preferring to mix and match hitters with superior matchups.


Describe the night of your DFBC Qualifier win.

This wasn’t my first rodeo sweating a DFBC qualifier.  Two years ago I struck the front of a Q relatively late in the evening when Cody Ransom anchored a Brewers stack with an 8th-inning grand slam.  Because DFS is often a cruel game, my lead was short-lived as cardog777 flew past me when Andrew McCutchen and Mark Ellis both homered in a span of about 5 minutes.  That one stung.


As for the night at hand, I was oddly not as engaged with the results as I typically am.  I had invested in Chris Sale and a few Pirate bats against Lance Lynn.  My Buccos got off to a quick start that put the team in contention from the beginning.  After the White Sox bullpen blew the lead for Sale, I figured I was in line for a decent cash, but that Vegas had once again eluded by grasp.  At that point I pretty much checked out and got some work done around the house.  I turned on the TV when I’d finished in time to see Pedro Alvarez steal a meaningless base and then saw on the ESPN bottom line that both Stephen Vogt and Jacoby Ellsbury had just homered.  I checked the scoreboard and saw my name at the top.  I checked my opponents and saw that my biggest threat came from some Twins stacks in Seattle.  Thankfully, Brandon Maurer threw lights-out relief and there were no Mark Ellis moments.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.09.54 AM

What are you looking forward to the most about Vegas?

I’m definitely looking forward to the first-class FanDuel experience that these live events are famous for.  I’m also very excited to get to know the people behind the screen names.


What would you do with the $1,000,000 if you did win?

I’m an accountant by trade and I’m generally quite frugal, so 2-for-1 specials will still be in play.  After making estimated tax payments and paying of my mortgage and student loan balances, I figure I should have enough for a couple Strawberitas and a gas station burrito.  That would be a pretty good result.

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