Top 7 Terrible NFL Rookie Haircuts

Aug 06 12:27pm

Every year, most NFL rookies have to go through some sort of right of passage ritual in order to be initiated onto their new teams. One of my favorites, because of how funny and harmless it is in nature, is the rookie haircut. Every year they get more and more creative, and although my favorite of all time is still this one, this year’s training camp has delivered some gems. Here are the top seven most terrible rookie haircuts we have found so far.

7. Jumal Rolle- Buffalo Bills


Rolle kind of has a Mr. T vibe going. It’s bad, but there are definitely worse.


6. Cody Latimer- Denver Broncos


This one is rough, because it legitimately looks like they took the shavings from Latimer’s head, and taped them to his face. It’s going to be a rough few days for that guy.


5. Donte Moncrief- Indianapolis Colts


This one is one of my personal favorites. I like to call it the “balding middle-aged man simulator.” What will be funny is if Moncrief actually looks like this 20 years down the line.


4. Tyler Hoover- Indianapolis Colts


Yep, there’s no possible way to make this one look normal.


3. Chase Vaughn- Denver Broncos


Maybe the most cruel rookie haircut. Shaving half of someone’s face makes them look flat out crazy. Hopefully Chase Vaughn has been playing it up, and quoting Two-Face from Batman while he’s stuck with this beard.


2. Zack Hocker- Washington Redskins


This one was genius-level creativity. Hocker had the option to either sing or get this haircut, and I can’t express how thankful I am that he chose the haircut. He looks like he’s wearing a hair headband, or a broken pair of earmuffs.


1. Bennie Fowler- Denver Broncos


This one is easily my favorite so far. I know that a prop is involved, which definitely swayed me, but it’s perfect. Bennie Fowler has a little bit of everything here. His cut is part balding middle-aged man simulator with an afro tuft that also functions as a toiletries bag. I don’t see how anyone could possibly beat it.


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