Paul George Buys Himself an Expensive Gift to Lift His Spirits

Aug 06 10:17am

Paul George has had it pretty rough lately. He broke his leg while playing for Team USA, and it was so gruesome that it brought his teammates to tears. Additionally, it squashed any goals he had for the upcoming NBA season, because he will now be rehabbing during its entirety.

I’ve been there. Getting injured is tough. You’re thrown off your routine, you can’t do much, and sitting around gets boring. Sometimes I would treat myself to an abundance of Taco Bell, or maybe dinner at a sushi place. That would sufficiently cheer me up for a while. Paul George is a little more high brow though, so when he’s sad about not being able to play basketball, he dries his tears on the upholstery of a brand new Ferrari.


Pretty sweet ride. And what’s great is that he bought it just to look at for now.

If you’re going to go this far and buy a Ferrari, you’d might as well hire a driver also. I’m sure people would jump at the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to drive a Ferrari around the neighborhood with Paul George all day?

Hopefully his sadness fueled impulse buys end here. A 30 for 30 about Paul George going broke because of an addiction to buying expensive cars as therapy for his broken leg could get pretty heavy, pretty fast.

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