Sharknado Successfully Sabotages Presidents Race at Nationals Park

Aug 01 5:04pm

Most of the attention the movieĀ Sharknado 2 is getting in the sports world stems from the appearance of Citi Field in the film. Unfortunately for the legendary Presidents that race against one another at Nationals Park during every Nats home game, they weren’t safe for the second straight season.

In case you don’t recall, Sharknado’s fury was unleashed last July in D.C., taking out Abe:

While Abe did get knocked down, getting chased by Sharknado seemed to actually help him run faster and secure his eighth victory.

Unfortunately, Teddy wasn’t so lucky. It took him over 500 races to get his first win, a drought that lasted from 2006 when the race debuted at RFK Stadium to October 2012. While he’s won a handful of times since that initial breakthrough, Sharknado was back, planning to take a more secret approach to sabotage Thursday’s presidents race. After all, Abe still won last year.

The element of surprise was on Sharknado’s side this time, using the hit stick on Teddy to help him grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

Poor Teddy. That looked like it hurt. To add insult to injury, he had to watch the rest of his competition fly by him while he was busy trying to collect himself on the ground after getting bulldozed.

Looks like Sharknado is an NFL fan, as well.

Just when you thought he had this whole race thing down, Sharknado came out of nowhere to ruin it. That’ll teach all the presidents to keep their heads on a swivel, even in the middle of a tough competition. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will jump out at them next.

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