Austin Jackson Receives Standing Ovation After Being Traded

Aug 01 10:44am

Being traded can’t be easy. I don’t have any personal experience in that area, but the reality of promptly having to move to a new city, play for a different team, and coexist with a new group of teammates seems pretty harrowing.

Austin Jackson was one of the players who was moved during yesterday’s trade deadline. He was part of a three-team megadeal that brought former Cy Young Award winner David Price to Detroit. And while Jackson is leaving a tremendous team, and won’t get the chance to play with the dominant lefty, he is headed to Seattle, a team that is still in a playoff race, and has Felix Hernandez. So, things could be worse.

Anyway, in what seemed like a surreal move, Jackson was pulled from the game while playing the field yesterday. Teams will pull players in an effort to make sure that they have no chance of getting hurt before the trade becomes official, but I’ve never seen it happen mid-inning.

A cool moment ensued when Jackson left the game, and maybe we can thank social media for this one. Most Detroit fans had already received the news that their team had acquired David Price, and gave Jackson a standing ovation as he left the field. Check it out.

A rare, and cool moment. There’s no word at this time on whether or not Drew Smyly, also traded in the deal, was bummed that he didn’t get a standing ovation. He probably was though.

Also, how good is that Tigers rotation going to be now, huh?

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