2014 DFBC Finalist: Busy Weekend Planned for Endzonedance23

July 29 3:39pm
Nick Sharp

“A good chunk of change” is how endzonedance23 describes the DFBC’s $1,000,000 first place prize, but the Vegas-bound finalist admits that the prospect of getting the “W” at the prestigious event is even more exciting. Talk about competitive spirit.

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How long have you been playing fantasy sports/baseball?

Fantasy football was my first passion seven years ago. I dove into daily about five years after that. I initially started with football, but quickly advanced to basketball and baseball.


In your opinion, how does daily fantasy compare to season-long?

To me, the instant results of daily fantasy are way more gratifying. I don’t think I can play any more season-longs because they just take way too long.


How would you describe your overall approach to drafting?

Player value is very important. I start my research with my pitcher and build around that. I never sacrifice for my pitcher – I always pay for exactly who I want and go from there.


Describe the night of your DFBC Qualifier win.

It’s interesting because it was 4th of July weekend so I put my lineup together much more quickly than I usually do. I just slapped something together because I had a party to go to. Early on in the night, while I was at the party, I checked my position – I was in the running, but I wasn’t really doing that well.


Late in the night, I checked again and noticed I was in the hunt. Van Slyke was at bat so I turned on the TV and, just as I tuned in, he hit a home run, which gave me the lead. From then on, the only thing I had to fade was a homer from Andre Ethier. He ended up getting a walk and that clinched it for me.

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What are you looking forward to the most about Vegas?

I go to Vegas a lot for non-fantasy-related things so I’m approaching this as a relaxing, fantasy-focused weekend. In addition to the DFBC, I’m playing in the High Roller contest on Thursday so I’m going to get in early and just try to have some fun watching baseball all weekend.


What would you do with the $1,000,000 if you did win?

Hah, I think I’d be more excited about winning. Obviously, the million is a good chunk of change. I’d probably just put more into fantasy, buy myself a luxury car, and maybe put some into investments. My life wouldn’t really change, even though the money would be great.

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