Cardinals Have Fun Initiating Shelby Miller Into Bullpen

Jul 21 11:31am

Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller was moved to the bullpen, and was welcomed with some corporate team building exercises.

Miller made his way out to the pen to hang out with his new bros, and was told that he needs to do “The Fall of Trust” in order to be officially accepted. Trust falls are pretty terrifying, and I’ve seen plenty go wrong, but Miller treated his like it was something he did everyday.

If they really wanted to do something with Miller to develop trust, they should have made him pose as a batter during their bullpen sessions. One stray fastball from Trevor Rosenthal, and Shelby Miller is toast. If he could stand there confidently and do that, that’s real trust.

But anyway, here’s the fall.

I’ve got to say, I have never seen this before. Is this a regular Cardinal tradition? It seemed pretty made up on the spot. In any case, they should continue to do it forever.

According to manager Mike Matheny, Miller was sent to the bullpen in an effort to get him some more rest.

After a 2013 that saw the righty finish with a 3.01 ERA, and in third place in Rookie of the Year voting, 2014 hasn’t been as kind. He has pitched to the tune of a 4.29 ERA,  while also watching his walk rate increase and his strikeout rate decrease. Never a good combo.

Luckily, the Cardinals have off-days after their next three series’, which has given Matheny the flexibility to go with a four man rotation, while hoping that Miller works out the kinks.

Matheny hasn’t committed to keeping Miller in the pen past the end of this month, but if he does end up there long term, he can at least take solace in the fact that he has their trust.

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