2014 DFBC Finalist: Miggytoddbest Looking To Have Some Fun

July 15 3:46pm
Nick Sharp

The $3,000,000 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship isn’t just an opportunity for the finalists to take a crack at the million dollar first prize. It’s also a sweet getaway weekend where daily fantasy baseball’s elite can kick back and have some fun. Miggytoddbest looks forward to doing exactly that on some of Nevada’s best golf courses.


How long have you been playing fantasy sports/baseball?

I started last April during the 2013 baseball season and have been playing it ever since. I haven’t played any season-long leagues in 5 or 6 years, but prior to that I was always in one for baseball or basketball usually.


In your opinion, how does daily fantasy compare to season-long?

For me, there’s no comparison. The immediate gratification aspect of daily is probably the main thing that separates it. Season-long is nice, but the problem I had with it is that there are just too many factors that are out of your control.


How would you describe your overall approach to drafting?

I check the Vegas lines for all the games that are being played. Then I look at matchups, certain pitchers versus batters, and other factors of that nature. I watch a lot of baseball so I try to find a pitcher who is in a tough matchup and I try to target the guys that will have the most success against that pitcher. I also try to avoid highly owned players.

Pitching is one of the most important things because on most sites the pitcher has the opportunity to score the most points. I try to make a forecast on what their output is going to be against their particular opposing team and then I try to see if the price is a fair value for that forecast. Trying to find a pitcher who is not going to fail and who is going to get you at least double digits in points is crucial.


Describe the night of your DFBC Qualifier win.

I have the MLB package like most people do. I was flicking between the mosaic channel that shows all the scores and I didn’t see the scores I was hoping to see so I wasn’t even really paying attention to my ranking until it was already a bit late. I have this habit where I don’t like to watch the games that I have players in so I’ll usually watch something else on TV. At around 9:45 I checked the leaderboard and I was in 2nd position in the Qualifier. I was pretty surprised, but I kept channel-surfing and keeping my mind on other shows.


At around 10:20 I checked again and I was in 1st.


I told myself I wasn’t going to sweat the game, but I decided to stay up and watch some TV for a while. I usually don’t stay up this late. It was very exciting. I was very nervous because I knew I was in 1st but I didn’t know by how much. When I won, I couldn’t believe I had finally qualified. Last year, I kept coming in 2nd or 3rd during the qualifiers and it was so frustrating.


What are you looking forward to the most about Vegas?

I am super pumped to go. My buddy’s going with me who’s very knowledgeable about baseball. We’re flying out and staying until Tuesday. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday we’ll probably drive up to Mesquite where my buddy says there are some courses that are unbelievable. We’ll probably play 36 holes a day and then take a red-eye flight back home.


I also can’t wait to meet everybody and I’m just looking forward to hearing other people’s ideas and perspectives on the game. Daily fantasy is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to succeed at and there are a lot of players whose game I respect that I am looking forward to speaking with.


What would you do with the $1,000,000 if you did win?

I would continue to play daily fantasy. I don’t have that much time to dedicate to it so this might allow me to play more regularly. Scared money never wins so I’d put a good chunk of it back into my bankroll. The rest of the money I would sock away and maybe have some fun with – go on some trips and things of that nature. Daily fantasy isn’t something I do to pay my bills, it’s just for fun, so it’s great to be able to use the winnings to just have some more fun.

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